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Queen Rose pregnancy pillows are on Amazon and here's why you need one

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Need some extra support for your bump, bum or back to help you sleep during pregnancy? Then a pregnancy pillow is probably the answer. Luckily for you, Amazon has an incredible range, which means you can get a Queen Rose U shaped pregnancy pillow delivered to your door.

Keep reading for the full review on each pregnancy pillow, including real customer ratings and comments. 

Why you need a pregnancy pillow

There are many different reasons why you might find sleeping harder when you're pregnant, especially as you now only have a limited amount of sleeping positions that are safe to be in all night. Here are some reasons why we think you would benefit from using a pregnancy pillow:

  1. It will reduce any pressure on your back, hips and legs.
  2. Pregnancy pillows help with blood circulation. 
  3. Can help to relieve heartburn. 
  4. U shaped pregnancy pillows can be used in the third trimester. 
  5. After you give birth it can be used as a nursing pillow.

Now that you're fully convinced that this is the number one essential you need to help you sleep better, you can bag yourself a bargain with all of the Queen Rose pregnancy pillows that are available on Amazon.

Dimensions: 165x80cm

Review: "At four months pregnant my hips had started hurting every night for a couple of weeks when lying on my side, stopping me sleeping, and sadly neither normal pillows or a new memory foam mattress topper I bought were helping. I read a lot of reviews of maternity pillows and am glad I went for this one. The U shape is great as you can roll over freely in the night in the middle to lean on the other side of the pillow, with absolutely no rearranging of the pillow, and therefore not disturbing me or my partner's sleep. Because of the support from the pillow being both in front and behind I find I can shift my weight whilst lying on my side, gently leaning either slightly forward or back, whilst still being supported, giving me more sleeping positions and less strain while lying on my side."

Dimensions: 150x80cm

Review: "This has been a godsend for my wife. She's currently pregnant and struggled with getting comfy at night, and also suffers from acid reflux due to the pregnancy (especially at night when she's laid down). She used this pillow to slightly prop herself up at night to help a little with the reflux, but mainly used to help her get comfy. She has one part between her legs and the other going up her back and under her head. She's said it's helped her get a decent night sleep at last! She was impressed that it had a removable, washable cover, and also that they've thought of neat little things like a small zip opening in the pillow itself so you can add or remove filling to make it firmer or softer. Brilliant idea! The only downside is it now means I can't cuddle up to my wife at night as this pillow gets in the way, but as long as she's comfy and happy that's the main thing!"

Dimensions: 150x80cm

Review: "Not only have I used this throughout pregnancy but quite often when I leave the bed or the living room someone (either the dog or my partner) has nicked it! Seems that it’s getting a whole lot of use. Been so helpful in getting comfortable and getting a semi-decent night's sleep. Truly has saved me. Hopefully will find a use for it when the baby arrives as well. If not the dog or my partner has a new snuggle cushion haha!"

Dimensions: 140x78cm

Review: "I love pillows, but this, this was like angels dropping down from the heavens singing and dancing whilst the light illuminated the way to Morpheus. He held me in his arms and the heavy pain, the sleepless nights - the agony. It all faded like an old memory. I never want to leave my bed. I never want to sleep in a hotel, a friend's place or anywhere. Without my pillow love. However, keep in mind, it does take a fair amount of space... I have a super king bed and a hubby. And sometimes I still manage to get in his 'bed territory'. I say, if you don't have the space for this pillow, make it. You spend about a fourth of your life sleeping, why continue the madness of flat, ugly, unappetising pillows? Burn it all and get yourself a slice of heaven! I should also mention that it will take a few days to get used to... After all, if you've always only known peanut butter, the actual peanut may scare you at first."

Dimensions: 170 x 90cm

Review: "Love this pillow. I'm a large sized lady and find this keeps me in a good sleeping position. It supports my back and stops me rolling over and is great for positioning my arms. It's also psychologically comforting to hug it. I'm very glad I bought it. Good product. Recommended."

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