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The best push presents to buy a new mum

The best push presents to buy a new mum

Traditionally, after a woman gives birth, their partner, family and friends might buy them a few congratulatory balloons or a bunch of flowers, and although the thought is lovely, it now seems that popping to the hospital shop is a little too easy.

Celebrities such as Stacey Solomon have revealed the push presents they received; Stacey’s partner Joe Swash organised for her favourite chef to cook her and her family a meal as a birthing present, while Khloe Kardashian revealed Tristan Thompson bought her a £40k pink diamond bracelet.

Push presents are the modern way of saying congratulations to a mum on the birth of her little bundle of joy and are usually given by the husband, boyfriend, or partner.

Jewellery is often a popular choice as a push present, but there are a few more ways to say congratulations to mum on the birth of your baby.

If you want to treat your partner to a gift after the arrival of your little one, we’ve got some push present ideas that mum will love, from personalised jewellery to pamper sets.

This beautiful necklace makes a lovely push gift and is a thoughtful way to commemorate your little ones’ birth and the month they were born. It’s even available for next day delivery, just in case your little one’s due at the end of the month but arrives a little late!

Specifically developed for the needs of new mums, this pamper set will be the perfect treat for those first few nights back home after giving birth. It’s important for mum to look after herself too, so whether she gets two or 20 minutes to pamper herself, she’ll appreciate the thought.

This 9ct white gold and 0.15ct diamond eternity ring is truly a special purchase. It shows the promise to love your little family endlessly and symbolise your ‘forever’ family.

This luxury gift hamper is the perfect way to spoil a new mum and your little bundle of joy. Nestled inside the hamper are beautiful newborn clothing in size 0-6 months, as well as a luxury pamper kit for mum.

Over the years the day mum gave birth can become a little fuzzy, because after all it was an exhausting time. Present this gorgeous Letters to My Baby book so she can write about her birth experience and the love for your new bundle, and each year fill it with new memories you can cherish forever.

This beautiful necklace will bring tears to anyone’s eyes and is a worthwhile wait for the push present. Take hand and footprints of your newborn on the day they are born and send them off to be transformed into this sentimental necklace that will last a lifetime.

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is a moment you want to treasure forever. Capture the magic of that moment by having a recording of your baby’s heartbeat turned into a beautiful frame. Every time mum looks at the frame she will be taken back to that incredible moment while holding her bundle of joy.

Lavender is known for its relaxing qualities, so why not treat the new mum to this lovely pamper box with lavender candles, giving mum something to look forward to when you all arrive home and she can enjoy a nice recovery bath.

Those first few hours as new parents are hard to explain with all the emotions and love you’re feeling, but this hand-crafted figurine from the Willow Tree collection quietly expresses all those feelings.

Surprise your other half with this gorgeous photo frame and keep you baby scan photos safe, too. Those first few hours after giving birth are always a little chaotic, but if you capture the first photo of mum and baby together she will cherish that photo forever! 

For the mums who have one of Pandora's charm bracelets already, this gorgeous sterling silver Little Baby pendant will be a sentimental push gift that mum can look back on in years to come and remember all the love from the birth day of their little bundle of joy.

Rather than buying flowers for the new mum, why not get her something beautiful that she can treasure forever? These Forever Rose Teddy Bears are available in different colours, including pink and blue.

After giving birth, mum might be feeling a little deflated and in need of some reassurance. This personalised ‘reasons why you’re wonderful’ gift is perfect to present to your partner at her bedside in the hospital delivery room, so each day she can read something wonderful about herself from you.

These adorable little discs can all be worn on one necklace and you can choose from, rose gold, yellow gold or silver. Each disc has the initial of your child's name on plus their birth date. It's a very cute and thoughtful item of jewellery that can be worn everyday. 

Looking for somehting practical that mum will wear and love? A cosy, quality dressing gown will be a new mums best friend, especially in those first few months. 

A perfume is not only a gorgeous gift for any mum, but gifting mum a new perfume on the day she gives birth means mum can associate the smell with the day she gave birth. 

After so long sworn off alcohol, this is a lovely (vegan-friendly) little box to celebrate the birth. Choose between Gin, Vodka or Rum, which will also come paired with Propercorn popcorn and Doisy & Dam chocolate.

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