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23 Unexpectedly Amazing Things About Being Pregnant

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Yes, pregnancy comes with a side of morning sickness and leg cramps, but there are so many incredible things about those precious nine months. Make sure you make the most of them…

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Worry-free sex

No more contraception concerns for you for the next nine months – you’re already pregnant!
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You get a relationship boost

You and your partner suddenly have a whole load of new things to talk about – what kind of parents you’ll be and what life will be like once your baby’s born. [Corbis]
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You join the secret pregnancy club

You’ll get to enjoy that ‘I know something you don’t know’ feeling – until you decide to share your baby news with the world. [Corbis]
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No more small talk required

There’ll be no more long awkward pauses mid-conversation – your bump will speak for itself and provide a good 20 minutes of chat with anyone you speak to. [Corbis]
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You gain a servant

Well, maybe that’s a bit too hopeful but your partner will step up his chivalry act noticeably. Helloooo cake at 11pm. [Corbis]
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An excuse to redecorate

You need to do the nursery anyway, so you may as well do the rest of the house, right? [Corbis]
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You can pass up the cleaning

You vaguely remember someone saying that coming into contact with aerosols during pregnancy isn’t safe – or was it bleach? Rather than figuring out which cleaning products are and aren’t safe during pregnancy, you may as well just avoid them all entirely. [Corbis]
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You can name a person

You get to give a mini human a name that will stay with him or her forever. Mwahaha, the power… [Corbis]
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You’ll see your baby move inside you

And it’ll be the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen. [Corbis]
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Maternity leave is around the corner…

No more work *yippee*. Just don’t say this to any other mums who’ll remind you the extent of your new mum duties. [Corbis]
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You get to go (guilt free) shopping

Because you obviously need a whole new maternity wardrobe. Oh, and there’s the small matter of shopping for your baby, too. [Corbis]
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You can book a babymoon

This is the last time you can have a holiday without a child in tow/to think about. Get packing! [Corbis]
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Time to indulge

You know you should be keeping an eye on your weight, but Krispy Kremes are just so good and you are carrying another person around all day long… [Corbis]
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Your boobs look ah-mazing

They’ve never been bigger and your partner’s never been happier. Enjoy! [Corbis]
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You can get away with anything

Overslept and late for work again? No problemo. ‘Forgot’ your partner’s work do? No biggie. Pregnancy brain’s a real thing, didn’t you know? [Corbis]
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You’re never alone

For the next nine months, you’ve got company. You’re baby will be with you 24/7 – and that’s an amazing feeling. [Corbis]
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You’re salon-ready (all the time)

OK, so your hair may not quite rival Kate Middleton’s enviable mane but you may be one of the lucky mums-to-be with stronger nails and clearer skin. Result. [Corbis]
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A built-in table

Remember how cool it was when Phoebe from Friends used her bump as table? Well now you can do the same. [Corbis]
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No. period.

Forget soldering on at work with intense cramps, you don’t have to worry about having a period for a whole NINE MONTHS now. [Corbis]
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The best excuse, ever

Can’t summon up the courage for that night out you said you’d go on? You no long need to weigh up which of your go-to excuses sounds most plausible. You’re growing a human. Enough said. [Corbis]
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Guilt-free naps

If you need a post-lunch snooze at the weekend, go for it. Your body’s under a lot of stress after all. [Corbis]
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People are weirdly nice

Suddenly, everywhere you go, people are smiling at you, gazing at your bump and (shocker) offering you their seat on the bus. [Corbis]

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