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Teenage Pregnancy: Get The Help And Advice You Need

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Being pregnant in your teens might feel like an isolating time, but there’s a lot of help and support available to ensure you have a stress-free and healthy pregnancy

Discovering you are pregnant during your teens can feel overwhelming – and even if having a baby was planned, you might still feel scared.

But, making the most of the help and support available will ensure you have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Where to go

Once you discover you are pregnant, it’s important you start getting medical care as soon as possible. So, speak to you GP and get in touch with your local midwives.

‘Some areas have specialist midwives for young mums who know will be able to give you the support and care you need,’ says Jenny McLeish from National Teenage Pregnancy Midwifery Network.

‘You can also try your nearest children's centre. They should be able to tell you all about what support and services are available for you.’

Advice and support available

Many areas have a local support group for pregnant teenagers, young mums and their partners, often run by midwives or health visitors. You can find out what advice and support is available to you by asking your midwife or GP. 

‘You can get a free Young Woman's Guide to Pregnancy from Tommy's,’ says Jenny.

‘There are also some great online places to get advice and chat rooms to meet other pregnant teenagers that will understand what you’re going through. Try or, which is great for single mums.’

Your family and friends

Sharing the news of your pregnancy with your parents and friends might feel daunting – especially if you don’t think they’ll approve. But, they are an important source of support for you so it’s vital that you tell them as early as possible.

‘The best advice is to tell them before they guess or find out from someone else,’ says Jenny. ‘It can be stressful enough being pregnant, and keeping your pregnancy a secret makes it even more stressful.’

If you are feeling stressed about tell your family, why not tell a friend, or friends, you trust first?

Then, you will have extra support when you share the news with your family. You might even find it easier to tell them about your pregnancy by writing a letter.

The most important thing is that you try to remain as calm as possible, so do whatever works best for you.


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