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The Best Reason To Play Music To Your Bump

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Keep those tunes coming – your baby really will remember them after he’s born

Your baby can recognise music he’s heard in the womb up to four months after birth, suggests new research.

A team at the University of Helsinki studied 12 pregnant women and their babies. Each mum-to-be was given a CD of Twinkle, Twinkle to play five times a week during her third trimester, then asked not to use it once her baby was born.

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Pregnancy Playlist: What Can Your Baby Hear In The Womb?

After birth, the babies’ brainwaves were measured while they were played a version of the lullaby with a few different notes. The same test was carried out on a group of babies who hadn’t been played the CD.

Those who'd heard the song while in the womb responded to the familiar notes of the melody – and continued to for up to four months.  

‘These results show babies are capable of learning at a very young age and the effects of learning remain apparent in the brain for a long time,’ say the Finnish researchers.

So, whether it’s Bach, Beethoven or Black Eyed Peas, get honing your baby’s music taste early.

What songs do you play to your bump? Let us know below.


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