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10 weeks pregnant: advice, symptoms and what to expect

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Your baby at 10 weeks

Medically reviewed by Dr Helena Watson on 6th June 2020


You are now ten weeks pregnant and might be starting to notice signs of a baby bump. Here’s what’s happening and what symptoms to expect at ten weeks pregnant.

How big is my baby at ten weeks pregnant?

Your baby is now one and a quarter inches (about the size of a prune) and can officially be referred to as a foetus! 

Common symptoms to look out for:

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1) Constipation

We’ve already spoken about this unpleasant side effect, but it’s a common one during the first trimester.

Steer clear of foods that will make it worse like bread, rice and pasta and focus on packing your diet full of whole grains and fruit.
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2) Mood swings

Be warned, those pregnancy mood swings will be felt most during trimester one and for the final few months of pregnancy.

You’ll have a break soon, but for now, get used to feeling rather over emotional.
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3) Fatigue

We’ve mentioned exercise is important this week, but so is resting. In about a month you’ll be feeling less tired, but for now, listen to your body and get an early night or two.
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4) Heartburn

Another one you’ve probably already experienced by week 10, but in order to prevent it, try not to lie down too soon after you finish eating, no matter how tired you may feel!
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5) Vaginal discharge

Another one caused by those pregnancy hormones expect a thin, white, milky discharge as more blood flows to your pelvic area. Another one not to worry about, it’s completely harmless.
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6) Feeling faint or dizzy

One side effect to all this extra blood pumping around your body is to feel faint or dizzy.

Remember to sit down as soon as you feel light-headed, and to keep your blood sugar levels up by snacking.
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7) Round ligament pain

This is a fancy way of saying ligament pain as your belly expands. This can be dull or sharp but is very normal. The best thing to do is sit down and put your feet up, as it’s caused by the growing weight of your baby.

What’s my baby doing?

This week, you’ll notice your baby is starting to look more and more like a human, although she’s still got a huge bulge on her forehead as her brain develops.

Bones and cartilage are forming and your baby is starting to get knees and ankles (cute!) Her arms can now flex, but are still so small you wouldn’t feel any little punches just yet!

Although your little one won’t get her pearly whites till she’s nearly six months old, this week the teeth will start to form under the gums.

Your baby is also starting to function like she will on the outside world – the kidneys are producing urine and if you’ve got a little boy in there, he’ll already be producing testosterone!

What is my body doing?

The surge of pregnancy hormones is really starting to affect your body – the muscles in your bowel have relaxed and this can often cause constipation.

Eating lots of fibre, drinking lots of water and keeping up the exercise can help.

Time to take a look in the mirror as you might notice the first signs of that growing baby bump this week! Look out for a slight roundness in the lower abdomen as your uterus starts to grow (at the moment it’s about the size of an orange).

That said, this totally varies person to person, so don’t worry if you’re not seeing signs yet – you will do in a couple of weeks.

The next physical change you might be noticing is your veins looking more prominent than they were before.

These will be more obvious if you have fair skin but can appear on the breasts and abdomen.

Again, this is normal and nothing to worry about – it’s your body’s way of getting all that extra blood to your growing foetus.

Other physical changes to look out for are spidery red lines (medically referred to as spider naevi) in your upper arm and chest.

These are caused by the pregnancy hormone oestrogen, which is working to dilate your blood vessels.

They usually disappear post-pregnancy, so try not to worry about them just now. Whilst we’re talking about pregnancy hormones, it’s very common for higher levels of progesterone to cause dry skin or spots, so look out for this too!

It's not all bad as pregnancy can have surprising benefits to the skin! Read more about pregnancy skin and what you can do to help it here.  

What should I be doing?

Get more vitamin D

As we mentioned above, your baby is growing her teeth this week! If your diet is low in Vitamin D, now’s the time to talk to your doctor about a pregnancy-safe supplement.

Keep calm!

What with keeping your mum-to-be status a secret for the next few weeks, battling morning sickness, tiredness and all the hormonal changes happening right now, it’s a good time to learn to relax.

Exercise is a good way to release those feel-good endorphins, so unless your doctor has told you otherwise, joining a pregnancy yoga class this week could be a good idea.

That said, if those overwhelmed feelings are creeping in when you’re not on the mat, try this simple yoga-style breathing exercise to help keep you stress-free.

Repeat the following a few times, then breathe as normal. It will help regulate the oxygen flow in your blood: Inhale to the count of two; exhale to the count of two.

Inhale to the count of two; exhale to the count of three. Inhale to the count of two; exhale to the count of four. Inhale to the count of two; exhale to the count of five.

What to do now...

Shopping time! You're getting bigger now find yourself some pregnancy trousers with elastic waistbands, leggings, or dresses or skirts in the summer to keep cool. It's time to start thinking about buying some maternity pieces.

Baby names: A nice thing to tick off your list this week is to start to come up with some potential baby names! It's never too early. Check out the most popular baby names of 2019 so far.

Confirm your due date: If you haven't already, you should confirm your due date with your doctor. 

What to buy now:

JoJo Maman Bebe Cotton Rich Cropped Maternity Leggings, £19 

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You might have started to show, but you might not have told anyone yet – so get some super comfy maternity leggings that won’t let anyone else into the secret yet.


Pink & Mocha Seraphine Maternity & Nursing Bra, £25

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Massive boobs might have been the first sign you were pregnant, and for many women pregnancy can make your breasts jump in size early on. Invest in a good maternity bra that will keep those boobs comfy right from the start of your pregnancy.


Vitabiotics Pregnacare Max

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Make sure you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals you need during your pregnancy with a good supplement. This includes Folic Acid, Calcium, vitamin D and Omega-3.


IUGA Non Slip Yoga Mat

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Yoga can be great for your mind and body during pregnancy, offering a low-impact form of exercise that will also help your mental wellbeing. Treat yourself to a new yoga mat before logging on to YouTube for a yoga tutorial you can do at home.


Baby Names 2020


Baby names book 2020

It’s never too early to start a shortlist of baby names.


H&M MAMA Skinny Ankle Jeans, £20

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You might start feeling those jeans getting a bit tight around the waist, and soon you’ll want a comfy pair of pregnancy jeans that you can wear every day. Choose a pair like this with plenty of stretch built in. 


John Lewis & Partners Small Teddy Bear Soft Toy

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Your pregnancy is starting to feel real, and not just a dream; buy a special teddy that can be your baby’s first and most treasured.


Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow


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Sistema To Go Mini Bites Snack Pots, Pack of 3

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Sistema snack potsAt the start of your pregnancy you might be struggling to eat large meals, so snacking is the way to go - and often snacking is the only thing that staves off that sick feeling you have ALL THE TIME. Keep your snacks safe and organised in these lovely little snack pots. 

Pukka Three Ginger Organic Herbal Tea

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Pukka ginger teaIf you are suffering from morning sickness, or all-day sickness, then ginger tea can be a real remedy for lots of pregnant women. 

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