11 weeks pregnant: advice, symptoms and what to expect


by Stephanie Anthony |

At 11 weeks pregnant, your baby would fit in the palm of your hand but has proper fingers and toes, a tongue with taste buds and facial features. Here’s what’s happening with your baby, your body and what symptoms to expect at ten weeks pregnant.

How big is my baby at eleven weeks pregnant?

Your baby is now the size of a lime. They are about 1.5 inches long and weigh around 7 grams.


What’s my baby doing at eleven weeks pregnant?

This week, your baby has grown to the size of a lime and has waved goodbye to her webbed hands and feet. She now has distinct human characteristics such as nasal passages and visible nipples. Hair follicles form on the crown and the rest of the body this week and nail bed are starting to develop.

At the moment, her head still accounts for around half of her length, but over the next few weeks, her torso will grow. Her skin is still see-through and whilst her lungs are not fully formed yet, her heart is beating about twice the speed of yours.

Whilst she’ll be kicking and stretching like a prize-winning boxer, you won’t feel any movement for another month or two.

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1. Fatigue

A perfectly normal symptom, especially during your first trimester, if you’re finding yourself permanently exhausted, rest assured those energy levels should pick up once the placenta is formed in the next few weeks. Remember you’re growing a baby! Keep those blood sugar levels up by snacking on complex carbs and protein (think cheese and crackers or nuts and dried fruit), try some gentle exercise if you can and most of all, listen to your body.

What is my body doing at eleven weeks pregnant?

Hopefully, that morning sickness will be starting to die down and you’ll be getting your appetite back. Whilst the saying goes ‘eating for two’, don’t go overboard. Stick to a healthy diet of nutritious meals and avoid too much junk.

Even if you’re still not showing that pregnancy bump (everyone will start to show at different times) you might find your jeans are feeling a little tighter this week. Of course, this is to be expected now you’re pregnant, but being bloated and indigestion is a common symptom thanks to those wonderful pregnancy hormones!

What you should be doing this week

Even though you don’t need to start attending antenatal classes until your third trimester, popular courses (especially the ones run by the NCT) can get booked up quickly, so get yourself on the list now. Find out all you need to know about antenatal classes and choosing the right one for you, here.

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