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Britax Römer KIDFIX² S Review

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  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Forward Facing Car Seat

At a glance:

The highly flexible, supportive and comfortable KIDFIX² R is a 2-in-1 seat from Britax Römer's award-winning KIDFIX range. Suitable for little ones aged between 3.5 to 12 years, it also comes with a padded headrest to provide the ultimate safety and comfort your little one needs for every trip.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Jade: This car seat makes my life easier as a mum because my little girl likes sitting in it because it is forward facing, it makes it easier for her to reach the controls to move her window up and down if she wants to, and she can see the person who is driving. When using a product that allows her to watch a tablet that is attached to the back of the passenger seat, she can easily see and reach the tablet too. It's easier for me to see her too.

Sophie: It is quick and easy to put my son in and take him out of this car seat. The position of it also means he can get in and out himself, something he's struggled with when using other seats. Applying the seat belt around the seat is straight forward. The height of the seat means I can easily see him in my rear view mirror. The seat is not bulky and does not take up lots of room in the back.

Rebecca: I feel this product makes my life easier as a mum because my daughter's safety is always at the forefront of my mind, knowing that this is taken care of is a weight lifted off my mind. I love the side impact protection system this child seat has as many other leading brands do not have it and it’s so easy to use. The covers on this car seat are really easy to remove and they wash up very well they also didn’t take too long to dry. You can buy spare covers online so you can have one in the wash and one on the chair, they are available in many colours so plenty to choose from. I find the strap keepers on the headrest is really handy as not only does it hold the strap in the correct position on my daughter but it also holds it in place when she is not in the chair so it is ready to use whenever we are heading out, making strapping her in a breeze. The Isofix leaver underneath the chair is really easy to reach to release the chair from the car, this can sometimes be tricky with other car seats so this is a real bonus. The fact the back can be taken off the chair to turn it into a booster seat makes life easier, as I don’t have to worry about my daughter outgrowing her seat and it will definitely last her until she no longer needs a seat. The instructions that came in the box were very informative and easy to follow when fitting the seat to my car, I also found the videos on the Britax website very useful if needed. This seat is also compatible with my husband's car as it fits a broad range of cars.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Manasi: This is one of the most straightforward car seats that I have seen to date, and incredibly easy to use. It allows your little one to have a bit more independence as well, which comes in quite handy when they get heavy. It is lightweight and easily moved between cars. Easy to clean, and fabrics can be easily removed for cleaning. Videos online can help with any re-installation. My husband likes the look of the seat, as it is quite sporty, and there is still the protection around the sides and head to keep little one safe.

Sophie: I would certainly recommend this product to a fellow parent. As with most "easy to follow" instructions, they weren't so easy! However, once I got my head around them, the seat was installed within 5 minutes. I can get my son in and out quickly and easily and he appears comfortable, and most importantly, safe.

Hajra: I would highly recommend this to other mums, parents and even grandparents, as its really easy to install into the car, the height of the headrest can be easily adjusted and it fixes into place easily. For busy mums, this saves a lot of time having to find the belt adjusting it and what not making sure the child is comfortable. It is really comfortable with the material, and you can easily remove the covers and put them back on. 

Would you choose this product to win?

Sophie: This seat is great value for money, is simple and stylish and easy to use. I would choose this product over others on the market but I think at my son's current weight of 15.6kg, I would choose to keep him in a 3 point harness for a little longer. However, for older children I would not hesitate to buy it.

Rebecca: I would choose this product above other brands as it has more safety devices which are a really important part of my decision-making process when it comes to car seats. I love the side impact protection that this child seat provides where it crumples to absorb the impact before it reaches your child, this is not available on many seats on the market. The secure guard strap is also a draw as it provides protection from the lap belt part of the seatbelt from doing damage to my daughter's pelvis by keeping the strap away from her body during a crash. The secure guard strap also helps keep the seatbelt in position when being used just as a booster seat which can be a problem. I really like the headrest which I feel would do very well in an accident at supporting my daughters head, it’s also chunky enough for my daughter to take a nap without her head hanging at a bad angle which could cause damage in the event of a crash or just a stiff neck when she wakes.

Jade: I would not choose this product above all others on the market due to the reasons given above such as the seatbelt being difficult to plug in and the loop in which the seatbelt sits in not being flush against my daughter's body. It might work better when my little girl is older, and I will be giving it another go when she is a bit bigger.

What changes would you make to this product?

Hajra: I don't think there is much I would change about this car seat; I would possibly look at adding a variety of colours in the range so there is an option of choice for children/parents to select what they like. I would remove the number of information booklets included as it wastes too much paper and it can be compact in one booklet instead. 

Mansai: The levers for moving Isofix car seats are quite stiff, and a little difficult to use single-handedly. This is possibly a safety feature as you don't want your little one to be able to use it easily but did take a while to release the Isofix sides. However, once installed, it does not need to be used again. I would have liked a 5-point harness within the seat to use until little one slightly older instead of moving directly to the car seatbelt, but other than this, it is an extremely good car seat.

Sophie: Perhaps the only thing I would change about this seat would be the option of having a 3 point safety harness to use for younger or smaller children, instead of using the conventional seat belt. This would provide me with a little more reassurance that my son was as safe as he possibly could be in the seat.

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