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Silver Cross Simplicity Car Seat Review

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  • 2017 Shortlisted Best Car Seat Group 0/0+
Mother&Baby Awards 2017 Shortlist

Sturdy and practical, the Simplicity newborn carseat is very easy to fit and comfortable for newborns. It’s a shame that it’s not the roomiest seat, so would be easily outgrown.

An attractive sleek looking Group 0+ seat, this is a cinch to fit with or without the ISOFIX base and has an easy-to-use belting system. The Simplicity can be used with the Silver Cross Surf pram or Wayfarer pushchair to form a travel system. It’s sturdy, hardwearing and comes with a lovely snug footmuff.


The height of the straps isn’t adjustable, however, so bigger babies may struggle to fit in. The no-nonsense Simplicity has colour-coded indicators so it’s easy to make sure it’s fitted correctly, too.  It’s very comfortable for newborns as it comes with a comfort cushion, harness straps and a headrest – all thickly padded.  The side impact protection is impressive, too, and out of the car this seat can be transformed into a rocker to entertain your baby. Quite expensive, but well worth it if you can afford to splash out.

What they say:

“Incorporating the latest advances in technology, the Simplicity car seat allows your baby to travel safely and in comfort. Simplicity is easy to install using either a seatbelt or the specially-designed Simplifix Isofix base. It has a secure 5-point safety harness, which can be adjusted with one hand whilst your baby is in the seat. Simplicity offers optimum side impact protection, with a self-adjusting head support, and is provided with a padded cover and sun hood. Simplicity also combines with your Silver Cross pram to create a convenient travel system.”

Tested by mum Gemma Larkin for the M&B Awards 2017:

Would you recommend the Silver Cross Simplicity to other mums?    

I would highly recommend the Silver Cross Simplicity for its useability as out of all the car seats I have used this one was by far the easiest to get in and out of the car - it clicks very easily into the base and it is much lighter than other car seats, which meant taking my little one from the car and into the house was far easier.

How did this product make your life easier?     

We have two cars and often have to move the car seat from one car to the other - I have struggled with other car seats as they are very difficult to get out the fix or they are simply too heavy - so this seat was very easy and I really noticed a difference. It made life on the go with the baby so much easier and I felt more confident using the car seat.

Would you choose this product to win?

I thought the Silver Cross Simplicity was great value for money and because I suffer with a bad back this product was by far the best for me as I found it the lightest and easiest to use. It has a very sleek and smart design and looks nice. In comparison to other products I felt it was fairly priced and the nicest design.

What changes would you make to this product?

I found the straps extremely difficult to alter and this always stresses me out particularly when you are in a rush or you have a baby who is not fond of having his straps adjusted. I also found that the sun canopy didn't really offer much protection for my little one on hot and warm days - so I would suggest that they make this slightly bigger.

Tested by mum Kate Kirk for the M&B Awards 2017:

Would you recommend the Silver Cross Simplicity to other mums?    

This Silver Cross Simplicity is good quality, versatile (compatible with travel systems) and good value for money. It has what you expect from an infant car seat: carry handle, sunhood, the ability to use with or without isofix and can attach to a pushchair. It is also fairly light which is useful if you are lifting it in and out the car post birth when your core muscles aren't very strong.

How did this product make your life easier?     

The Silver Cross Simplicity car seat looks stylish which is always a plus as a mum. It is also good value and fits widely on to travel systems giving you the flexibility to attach it to your pushchair of choice whether you choose to have a Silver Cross pushchair or not. The material wipes clean quite well and it is easy to strap the baby in.

Would you choose this product to win?

The Silver Cross Simplicity is a great car seat, but it is essentially what you expect from a 0+ carseat, doing everything well, but with no extra delighters which really make it stand out. I think it is stylish, but it doesn't have anything extra to make you think "wow", or "that's really clever".

Tested by mum Natacha Capener for the M&B Awards 2017:

Would you recommend the Silver Cross Simplicity to other mums?    

In my opinion, the best feature of the Simplicity is its light weight design. This enabled the car seat to be easily manoeuvred in and out of the car, not just for travelling in the car but it can also be used with certain pram bases which makes life so easy. My child seemed secure and comfortable in the seat.

How did this product make your life easier?     

For me, the best feature of this product is its flexibility to be used as a car seat and attached to a pram base. For me, this is so important as we are often out and about using the pram or buggy and rely on taxis or lifts from relatives to get back home. Being able to adapt my baby's mode of transportation makes life so much easier.

Would you choose this product to win?

I would choose this product above others because of its lightweight design and adaptability to act as car seat (both with or without an isofix base) or pram seat. This is very important to me as it suits our lifestyle and the way we use the car seat. To have both of these features makes this product stand out.

What changes would you make to this product?

I was generally happy with the design of this product, however, the one thing I would change would be the location of the seatbelt clips that hold the seatbelt in place across the baby's lap as I found this came up quite high on my baby and it concerned me that it may dog in to my baby. I was happy with the rest of the design of the seat.

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