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Graco Turn2Me 360° Review

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This Group 0/1 stage ISOfix car seat is a well built, safe, and easy-to-use car seat that has many features that make life easy for your journey in the car with your young one. 

Here's what Chris, dad of Theo, one, thought of the Graco Turn2Me 360°. 

How did this product make your life easier? 

The Turn2Me feature of the swivelling rotating 360 degrees seat made life easier when it came to getting our little boy in and out of the car. No more half clambering in the car to reach in and twisting your back to try and slide the child in the seat – for them to only start moving out of the seat five seconds later. Being able to have the seat face you and be easily accessible means that you can pop them quickly and pain-free and be driving away to your destination. What often used to be a stressful experience is now quick and easy with this new turning rotating car seat.  

Being able to also find the strap's buckles quickly due to the handy and simple loops to hook the buckle into so that it can be easily located and accessed next time you need to use them. I was also able to adjust the headrest height and the padding of the seat very easily without having to unthread straps or buckles or anything like that which saves wasting lots of time and getting a headache like I have experienced when I have just wanted to notch the shoulder straps up a few cms. 

Graco Turn2Me 360°

Would you recommend this to other parents? 

Yes, we would definitely recommend this car seat to other parents due to its ease of use, clever features, safety and build quality. Graco have very much thought about the parent who has to install, operate, and adjust it when designing it, as well as the child who sits in the seat due to its comfort and sturdiness. The product is great value for its features. 

It is quite bulky and heavy due to its base and rotating function, so if you have to swap it in different cars all the time or need to carry it for a period of time, then it wouldn’t be ideal. Its weight though is a bi-product of the quality being high and the accompanying features.  

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

We would choose this product above all others on the market. It may not be the cheapest out there, but nor is it the most expensive either, and the price is well worth it for its ability to make life easier and simpler for using a child's car seat. The features are good value for the price, and the product you are getting is a well-built one under the reputable Graco name.  

Graco Turn2Me 360°

What changes would you make to this product? 

There are only one or two things that I would look at changing a little bit, and that would be the strap adjustment level as it is quite hidden and concealed and sometimes hard to find in the slot of the fabric underneath the buckle where you place the harness into. 

Additionally, the two levers for adjusting the rotation and the reclining feature are quite close to each other and quite concealed as well, but I am sure after time they will be located easier and without having to feel around as much.  

Product Information
  • Birth to approx. 4 years (0-18kg). Rearward facing from birth to approx. 4 years (0-18kg) to forward facing from 1 to approx. 4 years (9-18kg)
  • 360° rotation allows you to swivel the car seat rear-facing, forward-facing, and towards you
  • ISOFIX connectors make installation quick & easy - no seat belt required
  • 10 overall recline positions (5 rearward and 5 forward-facing) which means your child's head and neck will be optimally supported whether they're awake or snoozing
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