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Joie Bold Review

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  • 2019 Bronze Best Forward Facing Car Seat

At a glance:

The Joie Bold car seat is three seats in one and will see your little one through from 9 months to 12-years-old. When your child is in the Group 1 size range the seat uses a five-point harness, but once they’re big enough to be in Group 2 and 3 it works as a belted booster. Side impact protection and Guard Surround Safety provide protection for the whole body. For ease of use, all these headrest and recline positions can be achieved using only one hand. For your child’s comfort on the move there’s ventilation on the sides of the shell, plus a cupholder attaches on the side for a drink when they want it.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Helen: It has a good age range so will suit your child from 9 months -12 years. The cup holder is a good idea and the recline feature is handy for when little ones fall asleep. It feels extremely secure when the top tether and Isofix is used, there was little to no movement. The seat is quite padded due to the insert so it is likely that they would be comfortable. The seat unit is spacious so it is unlikely they would feel cramped or claustrophobic. The price is reasonable if you are using it throughout all stages.

Miss: I have recommended the car seat to fellow mums already. It is incredibly secure as it uses a top tether as well as the Isofix. It does not move and this is prior to using the seatbelt (we use the belted booster feature). When I initially sat my little one in the car seat she mentioned how comfortable it was. The best feature is how easy it is to progress to the different stages without unthreading the harnesses. The headrest simply changes with the press of a button.

Olivia: I would recommend this product as you could use the car seat from birth which is amazing because you don’t need to buy two car seats. Joie is such a well-known brand with amazing reviews on every website. It is so easy to put the chair into the car. If your baby is asleep it leans back which is amazing as most car seats don’t do this.

How did this product make your life easier?

Jessica: The Joie Bold makes my life easier as a mum as I can buy one car seat that will fit from the age of 9-months-old to approx 12-years-old. This means that I know I will not have to think about buying another car seat. I love the fact that it has a 5-point harness as this makes me feel much safer about carrying my little girl in the car.

Sarah: The Joie Bold car seat makes my life easier as a mum as it is easily switched between different sizes. If you have different aged children in the car it is fantastic having a car seat which I can quickly and easily change for the different ages. Furthermore, it is easy to get in and out of the car.

Rebecca: This car seat is ideal for me especially when used with the isofix because it means no more messing about with the seatbelts, You can simply just click it into place. It is also a brilliant car seat because of the recline position which means you can tip your baby back when they are asleep so their head doesn't fall forward and they are more comfortable.

Would you choose this product to win?

Beatriz: I believe this product should win as it is great value for money. It offers everything you need in a car seat. It has an isofix base as well as seatbelt fastening, it is very sturdy, it has three reclining position, side impact protection, the harness is very well padded and it will last your whole car seat life, up until your child is 12 years old.

Laura: I would choose the Joie Bold over other models of car seat for the sturdiness and safety features it boasts. Other models haven't seemed to sit as well into their fittings and seem to move around a little, whereas the Bold feels incredibly solid. The additional side impact feature is reassuring and the seat represents great value for money considering it should last for a decade. The machine washable soft padding sections should help it to stay looking new. The recline feature is also a great idea and can be operated with one hand.

Ruth: The cup holder included on the Joie Bold is a useful feature and the seat has a good quality feel. It does not have as many clever features as some other seats I have used and tried. For example, the belt tightener is in my daughters reach and has nothing obscuring it which is dangerous. Plus it cannot be Isofix fitted from 9 months to 12 years like some of its competitors.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sarah: Personally, I like rotating car seats, especially while my children are young and need help getting into their seats. Rotating seats can get rid of the need to get a separate Isofix. This will lessen the fuss of moving the car seat from one car to another. When you’re dealing with kids, there is so much going on at once so it’s very easy to forget something very important like the Isofix.

Helen: The flexibility of the seat. It would be good if you did not need to reconfigure the straps to use with different aged children. Changing the straps to allow me to use it with either of my sons would just be frustrating when in a rush. Having to change straps limits our ability to be flexible which is something the demands of our family/work lives require. If we were able to use the seat with both kids without fiddling with the straps it would offer us much better value for money.

Miss: The only negative with the Joie Bold car seat is the colour. I have the slate colour and I am unsure as to whether it comes in other colours, however, if it came in all black I would much prefer this. The pale grey under the seat became dirty very easily after my little one split juice and ate her snacks in it. However, this really is the only thing I would change as aside from this it is perfect.

Product Information
  • Extended 5-point harness usage all the way up to 25kg
  • 3 cosy recline positions
  • Side impact protection provides added security for the head, body, and hips
  • Guard Surround Safety™ panels provide extra side impact protection and fold into seat when not in use
  • One-hand, 11 position height adjustable headrest
  • Grow Together™ headrest and harness system adjusts simultaneously and requires no re-threading of harness
  • One-pull motion easily tightens the 5-point harness
  • Removable body support for younger children
  • 5-point harness stores within the seat when using as a group 2/3 booster
  • Ventilation on sides of shell
  • Removable cupholder attaches on either side of the child seat

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