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Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Air Review

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  • 2019 Silver Best Forward Facing Car Seat
  • 2019 Silver Innovation of the Year Awards

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As the world's first car seat with built-in airbags, the Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Air takes car seat safety to a new level. In the case of an accident its crash detecting system activates the air technology and within 0.05 second the airbags inflate with cold air which gives crucial protection to your child's head, neck and shoulders. This toddler car seat combines state-of-the-art safety performance with a 360° swivelling seat which secures your toddler in a forward-facing seat. For parent's convenience, the Axissfix air offers easy and secure installation and colour indicators confirm that the seat is correctly installed giving parents complete peace of mind. 

Why do you think this product is so different from anything else on the market?

Nicola: I believe that this product is so different from anything else on the market because of the airbags. They are a great modern feature which gives me extra reassurance that my child is safe. When I first heard I was reviewing this product I was a bit wary of airbags being built in a seat for a small child. But soon after reading up on the product I felt at ease and was excited to try it out.

Sadie marie: I think the AxissFix Air car seat is amazing, really comfortable, stylish, with built-in airbags. I have not seen on a baby car seat before! Genius idea! You instantly feel like your baby is safer. The fact that you twist the car seat from each direction is brilliant. It is so much easier on your back! My car is very low so its so much nicer to be able to just put her in the seat facing me directly, then just turn her around and off we go.

Verity: I think this product is different from anything on the market because it is very compact. The airbags make such a big difference. I feel that my daughter is a lot more secure while driving in the car with the fitted airbags. It is great that it has the swivel mechanism. Transporting my baby is easier than with previous car seats I have used.

Why does it change your life with your baby?

Lucy: This car seat is very easy to install. It seems very comfortable for my little one. She seems happy in it. I like that the ISOfix doesn’t have the big metal stabiliser part at the front. I find they often go in the back of my car seat or restrict access when my other children try to get in the car.

Nicola: This product changed my life with my baby because it is easy to use. It gives me peace of mind that my baby is as safe as possible when she is travelling in a car. The seat has a great 360-degree spin design. I have a three-door car and it was super easy to lean in and put her in and out of the seat. It was easy to turn so she was rear facing too.

Sadie marie: The AxissFix Air is a lifesaver if you have back problems. It is heavy when you have to put it into the car seat but once it is in you won't need to move it for a while. The car seat can swivel 360° so it is much easier to get the baby in and strapped up. There is no bending.

What excites you about this product?

Verity: The main feature that excites me about this product is the fitted airbags. They really are a great feature and different to anything else on the market. I find the twisted seat mechanism very useful. I can transport my daughter in and out of the car seat easily. The style of the seat is lovely and modern. I like how compact the car seat is and the instructions are easy to follow.

Lucy: The idea of the airbags providing extra safety for my child is a huge positive. I very much like the fact that the ISOfix doesn’t have the big metal stabiliser part at the front. It frees up space in the footwell in the back. It no longer restricts access when my other children try to get in the car. It leaves room for bags on the floor.

Nicola:  The thing about this product that excites me is the modernity. The airbags make it the safest thing to put my child in. The product is smart looking, it is easy to install and it fits nicely in my three-door car! It is simple and easy to use. My little girl loved going into this car seat from her baby carrier.

What one thing would you change about this product?

Sadie marie: There is only one thing I would change about the AxissFix car seat and that is the recline! Although it does recline, it does not recline enough. The child is still sitting up meaning their head falls forward into their chest. I don't know if the lack of recline is down to the 360° swivel. If they could make it recline properly, it would be amazing!

Verity: The only thing I would change about this product is the price. I believe this is the best car seat on the market. I love the style and colour. It is very modern. My daughter seemed to find the car seat really comfortable. The ease of fitting the car seat was great and the ease of changing the length of the strap was also very simple. The price was slightly out of my range but apart from that, the car seat was great.

Lucy: I would definitely change the magnetic clip at the front! All my child does is play with it - unclipping and clipping it every journey. She always hurts herself on it and ends up crying. She never leaves it alone which is infuriating. It’s also very high, right under her neck so it probably annoys her.

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