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Nuna TRES car seat Review

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Nuna TRES car seat at a glance

For big & small, for short & tall, TRES seamlessly follows the transition of your child from baby to big kid. This all-in-one seat is in it for the long haul, packed with pluses like side impact protection to protect head, body and hips, 10 position adjustable headrest height, expanding shoulder width, and harness storage. The accompanying removable inserts ensure a snug fit as It goes from cradling your napping newborn to supporting your independent tween.

How did this product make your life easier?  

Katherine: This product has in theory the ability to simplify life as being suitable from newborn all the way to 12 years old there would be no need to make decisions and budget funds for each time the child goes up a stage. I could use the same seat for my 2 and 4-year-old (once changed the install) and this feature of a multi-stage is appealing. Possibly it would be good for a grandparent's car who uses it for a range of children?

Laura: This is a great car seat as it means only having to purchase one. This makes life a lot easier. It is easy to adjust and not too heavy. It’s even easier to use as there is it can be adjusted according to your child’s age and this is marked on the dial. Also the seat belt button is hidden so little fingers can’t undo it.

Tascha: The seat is easy to use, with rear and front-facing options depending on the child's size and age. The seat belt installation design is brilliant, it doesn't require you to faff about, unlike other seats I have previously used! As a Mum, time can be limiting, and being able to fix the seat in a matter of minutes is perfect. The reclining positions are great for the sleepy heads without worrying about their neck being bent forward as they dose off. It has meant I have been able to continue a journey and for their nap to be incorporated. The soft comfy padding provides a great cocoon too! That being said, it was easy to adjust for a bigger child with the expanding shoulder-width being a nice feature.

Would you recommend this to other parents?  

Samantha: I would recommend this due to the length of time the seat is safe to use from birth till age 12 that could mean you wouldn’t need to replace or buy a different seat at all. This would be a huge help I believe and once it’s fitted in the car you wouldn’t need to remove it through the whole time not having to worry about ensuring different ages are safe using different car seats. I love how long you can have the car seat rear-facing I am a huge believer in keeping my baby rear-facing as long as u possibly can as it’s safer. The buckle was really easy to lock and unlock when pitting my little one in and easy to tighten to ensure my little one was in securely.

Sarah: I would recommend this seat because it is designed to rear face until around age four. There is no option to forward face until a seat belt is used. Rear-facing is important to me and I think it would encourage others to rear face for longer. I would also recommend it because it is one seat that can be used from birth to around age 12 or 135cm. This saves people money as it can cater for multiple ages. Finally, I think the quality is great and the fabrics are nice. My daughter found the high back booster seat very comfortable and the Isofix is great when in this configuration.

Katie: I would very much recommend this Nuna car seat to other mums. I feel it was designed very well for comfort for children. The fact it can grow with the child means it will be a long-lasting and useable car seat. The car seat was solid but not to heavy for transportation. I felt my little boy was very comfortable in this car seat. When he fell asleep the car seat reclined for even more comfort.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?  

Anthony: Although I like this car seat for a lot of reasons personally I would be unlikely to purchase it for everyday use as I would prefer my child to be in an Isize car seat. However I think this is an ideal seat for grandparents as it is suitable from birth all the way until my child would no longer need a car seat. I would be happy to put a newborn, toddler or child in this seat and the fact that it is easy to change between settings would be perfect for my parents.

Hayley: This car seat has great quality fabrics and the design is nice. There are newborn inserts available for the seat that you can simply remove once your baby is too big. This seat stands out to be as you can use this from birth till 12 years old, that’s a big plus and I think that makes this seat stand out from the rest.

Emilie: Despite how gorgeous it is and the ease of use, I don’t think I would choose this product above all others on the market. The only reason for this is that if my child was average weight and under 18kg when they were 3 years old, then I would have concerns about their safety by having them forward-facing. (Perhaps if they had used this from birth it would be different, and that they’d be used to being rear-facing, but there’s no way that my 2.5 year old would be happy rear-facing. Fortunately, he’s over 18kg already.) Similar products on the market have the option of them rear-facing for up to 4 years old / 18kg, but then can also be forward-facing from e.g. 9kg.

Kelly: Although this is a great seat with quality fabrics that has good longevity, I feel as though there are other seats that would offer a better position for a newborn baby. This does come with the padded newborn inserts too though! It also doesn't offer much legroom for a 4-year-old that could still be rear-facing as it's fitted right up to the vehicle seat. I love that it keeps a child rear-facing for this time though, as long as the user makes sure to read the instructions properly and doesn't fit with the isofix and harness forward-facing because so many seats do that!

What changes would you make to this product?

Lydia: My baby is slightly older so she has good head control now but on younger babies, some more support around the headrest. As with the back cushion support which is great, I just thought maybe on a much you set baby the headrest was quite spacious and from previous experience with my children as newborns, if they were sleeping in the car their head would fall forward or uncomfortably to the side unless there was a lot of support for the head and minimal space. The chair does not tilt back that much which I understand may not be because of safety reasons but this could be another reason a baby's head might keep coming forward in the car whilst they are asleep. To be honest as overall, this is a very good quality product and I have really enjoyed testing it out with both my children.

Emma: To make this product ideal, I would make it so that you could ISO fix it in both rear and forward-facing mode. It is frustrating that it hasn't been designed to make use of the ISO-Fix in rear-facing mode. I would like to see it made more difficult for a child to escape the seat belt in both modes and I would also design it to use the 3-point harness in both modes up until around 4 years old.

Jude: If I could change one thing about this seat I’d add a rotation on the base so that ISOFIX could be used whichever way it faced. Having used a car seat with this function it's really valuable and I now wouldn't buy one without this function as it makes life so much easier! I'd also make it quite obvious how long from manufacture to expiry, as one of the selling points about it are that it covers every stage.

Samantha: I would love for this car seat to rear face past 18kg. I know many car seats cannot do this but if it was able to rear face a little longer it would ensure that little ones were at least 4 before having to use the seat belt. Not many people are aware just how much safer it is to rear face. I would also prefer it to be an i-size seat, although I do not mind using the seat belt to belt it in.

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