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Recaro Young Sport Hero Review

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  • 2020 Silver Best Forward Facing Car Seat

At a glance:

If you’re looking for a good-value car seat that’s a dream to install, seriously comfy – yet doesn’t compromise on safety features or style – this is it. Our testers agree this feels really sturdy and secure. It could do with a deeper recline for naps, but that’s a low priority in a seat that can be used up to age 12.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Emma: I found this product very easy to put into the car. It is easy to carry which was handy when moving between my car, my husband's and the grandparents'. It was quick to set up which you need as a mum as you often don't have time to spare. My son found it really comfy and often slept in it so that makes my life easier. I used in for both short journeys and a return trip to London. I took it in and out of the car and even used it in a taxi.

Lucy: I found this seat easy to use to switch between vehicles. If my husband or another family member is collecting my child it is very easy to transfer the car seat without having to dismantle the car to remove an Isofix seat. The seat is light and easy to carry, very straight forward to install into another car.

Katrina: I feel very confident when strapping my little boy into the Young Sport Hero. It makes my son look comfortable and the seat is made very sturdy and it's secure. This product came handy when I had to take family/friends children out, it meant I could use this car seat for them as it can be used with a variety of different ages. This saved me time as normally I would have to get the child’s usual car seat out and fit it into my car, which I’m not used to and could take a while working out how it fits in my car.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Verity: It is very comfortable for the baby with a padded chair and shoulder support making it very snug. Our car journeys are now a lot more peaceful with the baby falling asleep faster and for longer when in the car, which is very important if going on long journeys. It is so easy to install and buckle up the baby. It has an easy clean and sporty design too which is an added bonus. It's an incredible value for money too.

Hannah: I would recommend this product as it is easy to fit in the car, even if there is only one of you. It has a 5 point harness, meaning that your child is safe and the straps are strong and sturdy. The headrest is comfortable but the best thing about the car seat is that it starts from (about) 9 months and fits the child until they are 12 years, meaning it grows as they grow and you don’t have to buy multiple car seats.

Gemma: The product was easy to install and easy to adjust for the different ages and into the recline positions. The product seemed like it would suit the child at different ages rather than there being a comfort compromise. It is good value for money too which coupled with good safety features makes it a good buy!

Would you choose this product to win?

Katie: I'm actually really impressed by this product. it has everything I would look for in a car seat - it feels safe and secure, my child is comfortable in it, it's easy to use and lightweight so can be put in and out of the car easily. The cost of the car seat is also reasonable for the quality and safety it provides.

Keren: I think this is a great car seat that has some good features. I like that the buckle is able to run along with the straps as this makes adjusting the seat easier. The supports either side of my child's head support him well and he is safe in this seat. The straps lock holding onto the seatbelt seems robust and the seat doesn't wobble.

Verity: I would choose this product to win, definitely. I like the fact the Recaro feels as safe as a two-piece car seat but its shoulder support and headrest form one single unit. This makes it light, portable and easy to switch cars or take in and out. It feels so safe with extra padding which also seems very comfortable for the baby too. My so sleeps faster and for longer in this seat. The Recaro brand history is steeped in cars and aircraft so it gives that extra peace of mind that the seat is engineered by experts.

What changes would you make to this product?

Hannah: I wouldn’t choose to change anything about this. It was great for what it was advertised. The child seat was large but secure and the seat was comfortable. If I had to change one thing about the Recaro Young Sport Hero Child Car Seat it would be to add extra padding at the back to make it more comfortable or to have it at a slight reclinable position, like many other infant car seats that are available.

Lucy: The one thing I would change is the straps for the 5 point seat belt. When I first went to fix this in my car I could not release the shoulder straps long enough to put my child in the seat. After much searching around and rereading the instructions and you tube videos I sound that the end of straps had got hooked under the seat which is why they could pull through. This is something that perhaps could be improved for the future.

Kaytie: I would prefer an Isofix fitting rather than a seatbelt as to me it feels safer. That and the ability to turn the chair to face you as you put your child into the seat to make it easier for those people who are taller like me or those who struggle to twist and lifting their child into their seat at an angle. If this could be incorporated into the Recaro then it would definitely be something I would be interested in getting.

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