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Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 car seat Review

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Meet Silver Cross’ newest car seat and is the first 0-12 years 360-degree rotating car seat that meets the latest safety regulations (R129, known as i-Size). It replaces the Silver Cross Motion 360 (which is suitable from 0-4 years) and only costs £25 more (£375 compared to £350) for a car seat that will last until your child is about 12 years old (145cm).

Like the previous Motion 360 it has plush fabrics, looks stylish and comes with a side protection system. It has removable inserts, a stow-away harness, eight headrest positions and three recline positions.

Here's what our tester Sarah thought of Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 car seat...

How did this product make your life easier?

Now my daughter has reached the ‘terrible twos’ she soon lets me know when she doesn’t want to do something – like being strapped into a car seat.
Our previous car seat didn’t rotate and it was a real battle at times to get her in. Being able to spin this car seat to face me has made it so much easier, saving me time and energy on the nursery run.

The seat is very easy to rotate – you just have to press one button. I also find the straps easy to alter as the adjustment button is more visible than on our previous car seat so no more rooting around to find it.

My daughter looks super comfy in this seat – there is plenty of padding and the bamboo fabric is lovely and soft (Silver Cross claims it is both anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic). However, you do pay a premium for the superior materials.

Motion All Size

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Yes, depending on their budget and whether their car is compatible (you can check on the Silver Cross app, which also has a step-by-step guide to fitting the car seat).

This is one of the pricier car seats on the market but from what I’ve seen, all seats which meet the latest safety regulation (R129) are more expensive than seats which meet the older R44 (non i-Size) regulation and it lasts from birth to 12 years so you benefit from longevity rather than having to buy a car seat at different stages.

However, I would advise other parents to check whether their car insurance policy covers the cost of a replacement car seat if it's involved in an accident and how much their insurer would pay out. Otherwise, it could make a birth to 12 years car seat a more expensive purchase.

Silver Cross
The other factor to consider with a 0-12 years car seat is that they tend to be big and heavy – and this is no exception. I did manage to carry it to the car and fit it myself but it would be awkward if I needed to move it between cars regularly.

The main reason I would recommend this car seat, aside from longevity, is safety. It allows my daughter to be in the rearward facing position until she reaches 105cm (about four years old) and that’s the safest position to be in in the event of a collision. (Forward facing is also possible with this seat from 15 months, if parents prefer).

As it meets the latest R129 crash test regulation I know it has been side impact tested (car seats under the older R44 regulation don’t have to) and using Isofix means it’s more likely to be fitted correctly - there are several indicators on this car seat that change from red to green to make it really clear.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

If my daughter was a newborn and not a toddler I would stick with our previous 0+ car seat (birth to 85cm or 13kg). It was very portable and could be fitted onto a pram for a complete travel system (this seat can’t). It was also i-Size so had the same safety benefits and it could lay flat, which is the best position for a sleeping baby (this seat has three recline positions and does not lie flat).

Now she’s older though and on the move, I’m quite happy to have a car seat that stays in the car so I think this is the ideal car seat for the toddler stage and beyond. What sets it apart from others on the market is that currently, it’s the only car seat that is suitable from birth to 12 years, has 360-degree rotation and meets the latest crash test regulation. (There are other seats that meet the latest regulation and have 360-degree spin, however, the range is limited from birth to 4 years.) No doubt other manufacturers will soon follow but at the time of writing there is nothing else like it.


What changes would you make to this product?

I would prefer the seat to have more recline positions and it would be helpful if there was an indicator for the different positions.

I like the fact the seat is black as it won’t date and there are enough details to keep it interesting (such as the nod to Silver Cross being a British brand with the Union Jack on the shoulder pad) but other parents might prefer to have a choice of colours.

Product Information
  • Suitable from birth to 145cm (approx. 12 years)
  • R129 (i-Size) approved
  • 360-degree rotating seat unit
  • Isofix installation
  • Side protection system
  • Five-point safety harness
  • Eight headrest positions
  • Three recline positions
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