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Little Angels Snacking Puffs Range Review

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  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Baby Food Range/Product

At a glance:

As part of ASDA's Little Angels range, the Snacking Puffs are a great option for a savoury snack for your little one. From carrot to cheese, these puffs are made with delicious and nutritional ingredients. What's not to love when they're great value for money, and can be easily held with small hands! 

How did this product make your life easier?

Aimee: Having a bag of little angels organic animal snack puffs in your bag backpack is perfect for those on the go snack breaks when your little ones get hungry. Also the 4 different flours and shapes that come in the range make the snack puffs varied for the kids. My toddler also likes them too, so 1 bag to calm down 2 kids is always a winner for a mum of 2!

Lucy: This product has helped make my life easier for sure. They are a really great snack to grab on the go and I also feel safe offering them to my kids in the car. My boys don’t travel very well in their car seats and snacks help us get through long journeys. However for the baby especially I worry about him choking on other foods when I’m unable to get to him because of driving. These, however, do not cause me any such concerns so I think they’ll be a great option for keeping in the car too.

Gina: I’m constantly buying new snacks for my little one to try but they are usually so expensive! The price on these is absolutely fantastic. Although the pack is small my 11-month-old would only eat a few and at this price, it doesn’t matter. It seems all the other baby snack packs are quite large and wasteful.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rebecca: Asda's Little Angels puff snacks are great value for money, they are half the price of other brands! They have the same quality and organic ingredients, perfect for on the go. Advised from 10 months too, whereas some of the others are 12 months. They don't make as much of a mess as some of the snacks we have had and they don't crumble in the pack, they stay whole.

Lucy: I would recommend these for several reasons. They are tasty but have no added nasties so I don’t feel bad giving them to my kids. Both boys really like them, and to my surprise they also lasted for quite a while so it wasn’t a case of having to keep finding more snacks. They are also great animal shapes and flavours. Finally, I do lots of my shopping already in Asda so I think they will be really convenient to add to my weekly shop and hopefully good value for money too.

Aimee: I would recommend the little angels organic animal snack puffs for the fun shape and organic products they contain. As mums, we all want the best for our little ones and giving them organic is the best we can do. Also, the cute animal shapes this range of snack puffs enables the little ones to have a good grip on the puffs which easily dissolve in their mouths. A great finger food.

Would you choose this product to win?

Gina: Yes. I don’t give my baby snacks like this very often but when I do, this is now my preferred brand. Other melt in the mouth snacks are quite hard and take a while for my daughter to get through so she gets quite messy but these are mess-free. They contain no nasties and are a really good value for money.

Rebecca: This product doesn't necessarily stand out but it is a very good supermarket version of a named brand children's snack market leader. They are cheaper and use just as good ingredients with a variety of flavours to choose from. Because the snacks are bigger they tend to last longer and can be held well by a child. The shape of the puff snacks is more fun for the children.

Aimee: I would choose the little angels organic animal snack puffs based on the options of 4 different flavours to allow varied tastes, and shapes. They are long-lasting so they can be kept in your bag as an emergency snack. All the ingredients are organic, which makes us mums feel like we are offering a good snack. The puffs dissolve easily which is good for babies starting weaning.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lucy: I absolutely loved this range, but if there was one thing I could change it would be that the puffs were easier to clean up. For both my baby and toddler, I found the puffs quite hard to wipe off their hands. If you don’t clean them up straight away, it’s a bit like the ‘Weetabix effect’ and they and up sticking to them like glue. It was ok with soap and water but baby wipes wouldn’t cut it. So if possible it would be great if they could be made easier to clean!

Rebecca: I would make the product a bit more flavoured. The products still taste very light and similar to the other flavours, children's taste buds are still developing and brands should be exposing them to more fun flavours. On this basis, there is a possibility to add further flavours to the range and stand out from other brands in the field.

Gina: The only thing I would change about this product is to add a sealed tab. Although they are in small convenient packets, I still wouldn’t give a whole packet as a snack to my daughter so most of the pack gets wasted. However, at this price that’s not so bad. The size of the puffs is actually quite large for little fingers so I’d make them a little smaller.

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