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Little Freddie Stage 2 High in Protein Meals (pack) Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Baby Food Range/Product

At a glance: 

The award-winning baby food range for weaning and beyond. Little Freddie's Stage 2 meals are not only high in protein but they are all made with real flavours, whether you've chosen yoghurt or a meal. These are a healthy family favourite to get your baby loving real foods. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Lauren: I like the design of the pouches. They are easy to use and can be squeezed into a bowl or directly on to a spoon. The screw-on lid means if we do not want to use all of the pouch we can leave some of the food in the pouch to use later. The material of the pouch is also wipeable which makes it easy to clean and to carry when out with the baby.

Emma: When my 9-month-old decides he is hungry there isn't much of a window to make him something to eat before all hell breaks loose and he ends up too upset to eat. So having something quick and convenient to prepare for him beats cooking my own meals from scratch every time! These pouches are super quick and easy to prepare resulting in more relaxed mealtime. Also, I struggle to think up different healthy meals for him so being able to just pick something up out of the cupboard is really handy and gives him some variety at mealtimes

Aj: This product makes my life easier as a Mum because sachets are very convenient. I do not have to worry about the ingredients, quality or taste of Little Freddie pouches because I know they are good. It makes life easier knowing that my son will definitely eat the food and enjoy it. I can put a couple in my changing bag and never have to worry about being caught out without nutritious food for my little one. The sachets clearly display the ingredients, so I don’t have to go looking for the main component items. The free return envelope, which accompanies the food, makes recycling the sachets extremely easy. With other sachets there are ways to recycle them, however, this involves a long dedicated journey to a recycling point. I don’t have to do this with Little Freddie pouches.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sarah: It's really useful to have something in the changing bag just in case emergency food is needed when you're out, and they don't need to be kept cool. Having tasted them myself, I think that they taste better than other pouches we've tried which is good when you're trying to get a baby used to a normal flavourful diet and not just eating really sweet bland food. They've also made it very easy to recycle the pouches by sending them through a recycling bag to send them back in.

Marina: I am a big fan of pouches when it comes to baby food. Freddie does not disappoint and is one step up compared to other baby main meals on the market. The pouch feels sturdy and high quality, and the top has a striped structured pattern which makes it easier to open with wet hands. This is clearly geared towards mums who look for quality. I would recommend the food itself as it is simply the gold standard of baby food. One of my favourites is the grass-fed beef lasagne which doesn’t even stain white plastic, unlike other tomato-based pasta products we have tried. The flavours are well thought out, and my other half said he’d even be up for eating Freddies for dinner if he had to as he is very impressed with the quality and taste. Those are the reasons I would recommend Freddies over any other baby food. Plus my LO loves them!

Emma: The food is made with organic ingredients and is packed full of loads of different veggies. They are super tasty too and not bland like other pouches I have tried in the past. They require no washing up if you don't want to use a bowl as they are easy to heat up by standing in warm water. They are super easy to use and if you don't finish it in one meal you can re seal it and keep it in the fridge for later on.

Would you choose this product to win?

Dawn: The Stage 2 High in Protein Meals range offered a lot of different recipe combinations that I wouldn't have considered giving to my baby otherwise, and also combinations that she wouldn't have been able to try if we hadn't been chosen to test/review these products. I think that the recycling option does sway me more towards this brand above others as it makes them stick out, and I would chose them above others for this reason, not alone, but it would contribute when browsing the aisle in the supermarket and I came across them again.

Aj: I would choose this product over others because I think the quantities of good nutritious protein and quality ingredients is higher than other supermarket varieties. I like the types of meals provided and that they are all organic. I do not like it when other sachets have sweet items in supposedly savoury sachets. Often something is marketed as ‘pea and broccoli’ but it actually has an apple as it’s first or second ingredient. With Little Freddie sachets the food is proportioned as you would expect to have on a dinner plate. I think this product should win because the food is of excellent quality and interesting for babies to eat. Little Freddie sachets should win because of the environmentally-conscious way the sachets are recycled. This product stands out because the food is produced in a sustainable way. The food is nutritionally balanced with energy levels equivalent to breast milk. The newest products introduce flavours I have not seen these in other sachets available.

Marina: I really think this brand should win. Even before testing the pouches I had used Freddies on a few occasions and had been extremely satisfied and impressed. The recipes and flavours are lovely, and gives my baby a variety of flavour that you normally don’t find in the baby food aisle – but without being too exotic for my baby’s taste (or mine for that matter). The quality of the pouch and screw top are better than the other pouches I’ve tried, the quality of the food is fantastic – the puree is thick and jam-packed with food rather than watered down - and I love the recycling scheme they are currently promoting. This latter feature makes a huge difference as a user, previously I was conscious that pouches were not very environmentally friendly. However, this is now solved!

What changes would you make to this product?

Lauren: One thing I would change the price of these pouches. I think £1.70 each is too expensive compared to other brands I buy for my baby. Even though the variety of meals on offer is great and some flavours are different from what other brands offer I would not buy them again unless they became cheaper in price.

Emma: The word 'organic' at the bottom edge of the packaging on the front needs to be bolder as at the minute if I saw that on a supermarket shelf I doubt I would notice it. The fact that the ingredients in the food are organic is a big selling point and makes it different to a lot of other products on the market, so I feel it should be made a bit more obvious.

Marina: I would change the design a bit, as it doesn't come across as nice as it is just looking at it from the outside! The word 'grass-fed' and 'organic' are thrown around so much that they have lost impact, so the design could maybe communicate the high protein and flavour explosion that is Freddies better.

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