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Mamia Breakfast Pouch Range Review

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  • 2020 Silver Best Baby Food Range/Product

At a glance:

If you're looking for a quick fix for your little one's breakfast, the Mamia Breakfast Pouch Range will eliminate any morning feeding time dread you may be having. These pouches come in three delicious flavours and will add a variety to your baby's diet. They are great value for money, easy to pop in your bag for a quick snack, and perfect for the weaning stage. 

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Karen: I would recommend the pouches to mum friends just for the simple fact of the ease of a quick breakfast or even snack when you're out and about. They are handy as no fridge is required to store them. They are a good thickness so they don't pour out really fast if you're using a spoon. A quick and less mess meal is what all parents would like.

Tasleema: The reason I would recommend this to other mums, friends, family, neighbours is that they have helped me with an easier breakfast routine. I no longer dread the morning feeding time for my weaning child who is a fussy eater but seems to like these pouches. They are quick, easy and clean to transport. 

Eleanor: This product is extremely easy to use. The product is easy to store in the kitchen cupboards doesn't take up a lot of room and you can buy a lot in one go and store them easily. The pouch is easy to fit into a baby bag or lunch box when you are out and about with your baby. The pouch enables you to feed the baby straight away you don't need to dispense it into a bowl as you can just use a spoon. They have been great to use when going on holiday as you can pack them into your suitcase and you know your baby will be getting a good start to the day. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Emily: This product makes weaning so much easier. No more pureeing and blending as these pouches are mess-free, very light so can easily be popped in the baby bag for days out. They add a wide variety to the baby's diet as they have a wide variety of nutritious organic ingredients. My daughter loves just eating them directly from the pouch, which I love too as it minimises the mess! The pouch can also be refrigerated and used up to 48 hours later which I thought was great, as some pouches are only recommended for use up to 24 hours later.

Shona: Ben is 9 months old so he is eating more textured foods for the most part, however he loves the taste of these pouches and will happily eat them as a snack. In fact, when he was unwell last week this is all he would eat, so I was very thankful that we had them to try. The pouches are light and portable so I always have a few in my changing bag. 

Seizy: This product does makes my life easier as sometimes I'm stumped on what to give my daughter for breakfast or a snack. The Mamia Organic breakfast range definitely eliminates that worry in the morning, especially when we didn't have a great night. What I love about this is, it is very easy to take out and about as since weaning my baby I still sometimes forgot to pack a snack when we are out and about. With secure packaging, I can pack this at night in our bag and we can just go out whenever we need to.

Would you choose this product to win?

Tasleema: I would use this product over other products because they are well-liked by my weaning baby who is a fussy eater. It makes me feel less guilty because they are a nutritious alternative to hard to feed breakfasts that I normally have to cook and which my child refuses... It makes for a good snack. 

Eleanor: Yes definitely. The ingredients which are used are all organic and have a good amount of fruit in each pouch. The price of this pouch is fantastic compared with other brands I have tried and I prefer this brand. Good quality ingredients, great price, and great packing. The product looks inviting on the shelve and there is a good variety of different flavours to choose from within the range.

Shona: I would, as similar products from other manufacturers are much more expensive and no better in quality. I think a larger range of flavours and different serving sizes would make the range even more appealing. The pouches are very easy to use and my little boy would happily feed himself directly from them if we let him!

What changes would you make to this product?

Karen: I'm not sure there is much to be changed in this product, maybe a few more flavours than the 3 already available. But, apart from that, I am really happy with the ease of feeding a mixed breakfast straight from a pouch! Maybe make a toddler size pouch as my 3-year-old is always asking to have a pouch like his little brother!

Anisha: I think the product is fine as it is in terms of usability and durability. One thing that could change is the packaging - it seems a shame to have so much going into landfill - especially if you consider using one a day. Perhaps if the packaging was recyclable or reusable in some way, or even made from recycled materials?

Shona: I would like to see a bigger range of this product - more flavours and in particular more savoury options would be nice. It would also be great to have a larger serving size for older babies as well, as my little one could happily eat two pouches in one serving. Overall the product is perfect and we were very happy with it. 

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