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Mini Meal Adventures Review

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  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Baby Food Range/Product

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Tesco's Mini Meal Adventures help your babies discover new tastes and textures. With plenty of vegetables packed in, you can choose from the classics, including favourites like Cottage Pie and Spaghetti Bolognese. These little meal adventures are perfect for when your little one starts to discover real food. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Nikki: The mini meal adventure meals have made my life easier as a mum as it is a quick, easy and nutritious meal to give to my baby when I am short on time. They are easy to store in the cupboard and easy to heat up either in the microwave or in hot water. There is a good range of meals which have gone down well with my baby.

Joanne: It is great to have something in the cupboard that you can feed your little one when you are pushed for time or haven’t been shopping but that you know is still ticking lots of nutritional boxes! The meals are quick and easy to prepare, and the generous best before dates mean that you can keep a few in the cupboard for emergencies!

Tasleema: It makes my life easier by making sure that I always have good food to hand for my baby. When I can not make a homemade food or after work then I can quickly heat this and give it to her. She enjoys it, it's nutritious and it is also easy to use and home as well as out about when I go out for a full day.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Charlene: Firstly everything is organic which is great. You can heat them in the microwave or stand in warm water (I took boiled water in a flask if I was out at dinner time) so you can take time to a lot of places if needed. The price is great compared to other brands out there too. There are loads of meal options and most even suitable for vegetarians. I like to taste the most new things I give to my wee one, these meal trays are pretty good. My wee one has eaten all or almost all of these each time they have been offered so a definite win from us!

Karen: I would definitely recommend these to mums the mini-meals are such a handy product to always have in your cupboard they are quick and easy to sort out and you know your baby/toddler are still getting nutritious from the tray meal, I also think the portions are a good size my 3-year-old asked to have one and it filled him up.

Stephanie: Although it seems ridiculous that 'stickability' should come into it, the fact that my cupboard for baby food was much neater and easy to navigate through than having the usual pouches made my life easier and I do love organisation! Easy to recycle the cardboard but plastic not so ideal. Cheaper than alternatives and my son loved the flavours, so yes happy to recommend this product.

Would you choose this product to win?

Aimee: I do like this product as it is organic, a large portion provided and different flavours to choose from. I do however prefer a pouch product myself as the children can feed themselves which they both like as it gives them independence and is great for mums. With this meal, you need to spoon-feed. I guess this is also good when the little ones like to try and feed themselves with a spoon.

Rebecca: I believe these trays are a good value for money compared to many of the other branded alternatives. They offer a variety of flavours so the baby will not get bored and have a good texture that is not too smooth but easy for a baby with only a few teeth to eat. The trays are practical and I much prefer them to pouches. I also like that the packaging is recyclable, unlike most pouches.

Emily: I would choose this product as my daughter loves the taste of all of the meals, especially the spaghetti bolognese one! They are quick and easy to use, although I still prefer the pouches as they are less messy. I would use these meals to add variety and texture to my daughter's diet. 

What changes would you make to this product?

Nikki: This product does exactly what it should, however, it could be made better by having more flavour options and maybe ones with fewer lumps. It could also be made better by using all recyclable packaging as currently the film is not recycled and the tray is not recycled by all local authorities. It would be useful as an on the go meal if it came with a recyclable spoon.

Karen: I don't think anything could be improved on the product itself I think they are great meals for my baby and also for my 3 years old he seemed to really enjoy the one he asked to try. If anything could be changed I would put a colouring activity on the inside of the packaging and maybe widen the range of flavours.

Tasleema: Make some halal ones as I only used veg as the meat ones are unusable and had to go get other halal brands The only thing would be to increase sell by or use by date and also to increase the time they can stay out of the fridge when they have been opened. On holiday it was hot and no fridge available so this was slightly difficult as they are dairy products. This means they had to be wasted. 

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