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Piccolo Cooking Range Review

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  • 2021 Silver Best Baby Food Range/Product
  • 2021 Shortlisted Best Baby Food Range/Product

Piccolo Cooking Range at a glance:

Inspired by the Piccolo's founder and their Mediterranean upbringing, the cooking range was developed to help take the pressure off parents cooking at home for their little ones. The organic baby pastas, sauces and stock cubes place the emphasis on easier home-cooking. With the help of the in-house nutritionist, all the dishes are family inspired, all natural recipes and are flavoursome and packed full of quality, organic ingredients, while also being free from gluten, and palm oil. In fact, Piccolo's stock cubes are the only palm oil free and low salt option available in the UK.

How did this product make your life easier?

Tania: I loved this product as it enabled me to have staple products in the cupboard for when I needed to do my baby a quick meal. I liked the pasta sauces especially and the pasta, as they are small enough for my baby to swallow without worrying about choking. My baby really enjoyed these too. I'd say they definately made my life easier.

Lisa: I was really worried about introducing solids to my baby and even more worried about cooking the foods for her and ensuring she wasn't being given too much salt in cooking ingredients. This range takes the worry out of that and allowed me to cook different meals for my daughter knowing her salt intake wasnt high.

Sunita: These products were really well made and easy to use. They were quick and easy to use and meant I could make a quick meal for my baby knowing that I was giving her something nutritious. The packaging very clearly outlines what’s in the sauces which is reassuring as a mum who is trying to make things from scratch. There was no mummy guilt for using the sauces as a substitute for something home made. The stock cubes also meant we could eat meals as a family without worrying about the salt content.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rhiannon: When i compared these pasta stars to some generic ones i have in the cupboard i was impressed with the added nutritional value of the piccolo range. This would definitely encourage me to recommend them. The portion sizes of the stir in sauces were also good. I don't like opening up big packets that i know wont get used up. The ingredients list was good, and also introduced my daughter to some new flavours.

Rebecca: It’s at a reasonable price point, with a flavour which was both easily and well tolerated. Heats up well the next day. Easy and quick to make so if you need to rustle up a quick meal this is easy to do, especially as the pasta doesn’t take too long to cool as it doesn’t go piping hot in the oven. Eaten very happily!

Would you choose this product to win?

Sunita: Having tried the sauces I would buy them again as they were a good option to have in the cupboard for a quick meal. I wouldn’t choose the stars pasta over normal pasta as my daughter found it difficult to hold on to. I haven’t tried many other pre-made baby sauces with my daughter as I have preferred to make my own. Also because I do a lot of online food shopping unless you are aware of the products you don’t necessarily search for them unless they have been recommended to you.

Claire: I wouldnt have before the review. We follow baby led weaning so my daughter eats the same as us, and in my mind pasta is just pasta. But the smaller shape of the piccolo pasta meant she ate a lot more of her meal, and the sauce sticked well to the pasta, so yes I would definitely by the sauces again and I would be tempted to by the pasta again.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lisa: I would change the packaging design slightly, It would be nice to have the opportunity to reseal the sauces so you can use the rest on another day. I also wouldn't make the sauces quite so lumpy or I would market it more for babies over 10 months not 7 as my baby did struggle to handle the lumps at 7 months old.

Arran: If I could change just one thing about this product i would like to see more variety. If you were to use this product alone I don’t feel like baby would get enough of a varied diet. Especially in the pre made pouches which are extremely limited. I did like the range though so I would happily use some of their products along side others.

Rebecca: I would do 2 sizes, 1 for just a baby portion but another where there would be enough for an adult and a baby to eat so you wouldn’t have to cook meals twice, to encourage eating together, but also to ensure Mums manage to get meals in on busy days when they’re on their own at home and haven’t had time to prepare

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