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Babymoov Travel Bottle Warmer Review

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The ultimate on-the-go bottle warmer, this handy device by Babymoov can heat bottles without needing batteries or an electricity supply, so it's great if you're heading away from civilisation. To get started with activating the warmer, all you have to do is twist the cap. To reactivate the heating system after each use, simply sterilise it using an electric or boiling water method. 

The warmer accommodates bottles and jars of all shapes and sizes, and we especially love the carrying handle, which can be fixed to any pushchair. You can warm milk up in just five minutes - the temperature will be maintained for approximately four to five hours, thanks to the neoprene isotherm casing.  

Tested by Ellie Little, 26, from Devon, mum to Edward, six months. She says:

‘Edward is exclusively bottle-fed and has a big appetite, so I’m looking for ways to make life easier when we’re away from home and hunger strikes.

‘The Babymoov Travel Bottle Warmer took a while to heat the bottle, and the milk wasn’t as warm as Edward likes, but it would be useful for travelling as you don’t need a power source.’

Amazon reviewer Frida, says:

"The best bottle warmer I've ever bought. It is convenient to quickly heat up the milk (about 5/6 minutes) and beautiful aesthetically. The only flaw is that once activated it cannot be reused until it is sterilised. However, it is easy to clean."

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