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Chicco NaturalFeeling Bottle Review

Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2017 Shortlisted Best Bottle Feeding Product
Mother&Baby Awards 2017 Shortlist

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Tested by Natalie Ahmed, mum to Lucas, who is four months old. She says:

My four-month-old son got on really well with the Chicco NaturalFeeling bottles. I do a combination of breast and bottle feeding, so using a bottle which closely mimics breastfeeding matters a lot to me, and to him! The teats are angled cleverly to help him feed easier and the optional variflow teat ensured he got enough milk at a time, so he didn't get frustrated. There was always milk in the teat ready to come through, so he didn't take in extra air. 

We haven't got on brilliantly with bottle feeds in the past, so having him accept and enjoy the Chicco bottle so easily has been such a weight off my mind and an enjoyable experience rather than a stressful one! He seemed to settle much better after his bottle feed than he did with other brands of bottles we've tried, which is especially lovely to know for when I can't be there and someone else is feeding him.

We don't often use a pacifier, only in emergencies when we can't feed him like in a queue or on a car journey. I've always been worried it would damage his teeth and gums, but this pacifier has been designed with that in mind, and is much gentler for him to use. The whole thing is soft silicone and closely mimics the look and feel of breastfeeding, and he seemed to enjoy that more than traditional dummies which have much bigger, clumsy teats and plastic handles. When we need one in the future, we'll definitely be using the Chicco NaturalFeeling pacifier, it's going to be a lifesaver! 

Tested by Chelsea Morgan, mum to Reggie, who is 13 weeks old. She says:

Myself and my son Reggie love the Chicco NaturalFeeling bottles, Reggie accepted the bottles first time and had previously used a brand with a very different style and shape of teat. The Chicco NaturalFeeling bottles are the fourth bottles we have tried and seem to be my son’s favourite and mine too.

I find the shape of the teat makes feeding Reggie in an upright position more comfortable for me (he suffers with colic) whereas before it was very awkward to try to do this. I love the design behind the bottles and it has helped massively with Reggie’s colic compared with other brands. He is more settled and sleeping better than ever since switching to Chicco bottles.

Tested by Lauren Stanley-Evans, mum to Oskar, who is nine weeks old. She says:

I really liked that the teat was angled to encourage my little boy in to his natural feeding position of head tilted backwards and mouth wide open. He is breastfed, but this position is something that has never come easily to him, and has taken us a while to master, so I was very conscious that I didn't want to introduce a bottle and undo all of our hard work. I like the look and feel of the bottles, they are easy to assemble and sterilise and easy to put together.

My baby accepted the bottle easily and took it first time. I think the wide base and soft teat, coupled with the angle of the teat made it breast-like enough for him to feed from it straight away. We tried him again a few days later and he fed from it again no problem, but then cried afterwards for the breast. But I believe that's more to do with the comfort of wanting to feed from me than him not wanting the bottle, if that makes sense.

Before now we have been using Medela's Calma teat as they say it is designed to mimic breastfeeding. However Oskar often struggled to feed from this one as the teat is very hard and he has to suck quite hard for any milk to come out. He and we much preferred the Chicco bottles - he seemed to be able to latch in a much more natural way, and took to the bottle a lot easier. It is also much much more value for money, the Calma system is expensive if your little one, like ours, then decides they don't really like it!

Tested by Sarah Lundy, mum to Olivia, who is 5 weeks old. She says:

I would highly recommend Chicco Natural feeling bottles.

I have been using Tommee Tippee bottles therefore it took 2-3 feeds for my baby to accept the new bottle however she soon got used to it.

I hadn't tired NaturalFeeling bottles before as I was unsure which ones to get. I noticed after a week of using these bottles there was a big reduction of air intake during her feed which meant she wasn't sick. She was also more comfortable during feeding as she didn't have to move her neck to feed properly. After she had finished her feed she was very relaxed and was able to fall asleep, she didn't need hardly any winding.

Comparing these to Tommee Tippee, they are good value, there’s an easy transition between old bottles and new, very natural shape, and nice shape and design of the bottle.

Tested by Claire Sells, mum to Molly, who is 3 weeks old. She says:

I like the design, the bottle and teat are fairly robust. The only minor quibble I have with the bottle is the lid, which seems a little flimsy in comparison and fiddly to fit. 

I was a bit worried about how Molly would feel about the switch but she didn't seem to have any problems with it thankfully. 

Previously I’ve used MAM bottles. I would say that the Chicco bottle is good value and functions fine. It's less pretty in terms of design compared to the MAM (I do like the aesthetic appeal of the latter and the decorative motifs, as well as the bottle being able to be sterilised in microwave if needed) but most importantly it does a good job of feeding my little one. I would definitely choose this as a starter bottle due to its unfussy design and function as well as ease of use. 

Tested by Denise Hedley, mum to Miyah, who is 10 weeks old. She says:

Wow! Since having Miyah I've combi fed (although more breast). I sterilised the bottles as soon as they came and made up her next feed.. popped the bottle in her mouth and she guzzled the whole bottle. Another thing we've always struggled with is Miyah’s wind, meaning sleepless nights with a wriggly upset baby. I feel like a different Mummy today, Miyah brings her wind up straight away as soon as I lift her meaning Miyah wasn't wriggly with a upset tummy last night and only woke twice.

I have used Tommee Tippee bottles and if I’m to be honest since using the Chicco ones I can really feel the difference. The Tommee Tippee ones are very flimsy and thin whereas the Chicco can't be squeezed and the quality feels much better. Value wise I’d say personally for me I’d much rather pay for the quality of the Chicco . I also notice after washing Tommee Tippee they get scratchy at the bottom from the bottle brush whereas the Chicco bottles don't.

Overall I would 100% give the Chicco 10/10 and I’m going to be ordering the steriliser, breast pump and more bottles. I certainly won't be using any other bottles now.

1 very happy Mummy with a very happy 10 week old who's colic seems to have completely gone :)

Tested by Vanessa Brazier, mum to Benjamin, who is 5 weeks old. She says:

Benjamin accepted the bottle straight away.  The teat is the same as the standard Tommee Tippee bottles we have used but the Chicco teat is better because it is angled and the milk is always in the teat.  However, Benjamin's mouth does not seal around the teat so he was taking in excess air and dribbling the milk.  The MAM anti-colic bottles we use seem to be more effective and he does not take in extra air. 

For me the bottle is a nice shape and was easy to use to feed him, the bottle itself does not leak (compared to the MAM bottles which are in 3 parts, if you don't screw them together properly) however, a couple of times, Benjamin somehow managed to twist the teat while he was drinking and milk poured all over him!  

He loved the Chicco dummy the teat is angled and he found it easier to suck than the Tommee Tippee and Avent dummies we have been using.

In terms of value and the cost of the starter pack, it's on par with the Tommee Tippee range and I think it's better quality, however I personally would prefer to pay a bit more money for a bottle that effectively manages my son's wind and colic (MAM or Dr Brown’s) so I think we will be sticking with the MAM anti-colic bottles.

Tested by Esther Lou Jones, mum to Alfie, who is is 5 weeks old. She says:

I began using the Chicco NaturalFeeling bottles about 12 days ago with my then 5 week old baby, Alfie. I was looking forward to trying out the anti-colic, angled teats with him as he'd been getting a significant amount of wind after his feeds. I'd previously been using the Tommee Tippee bottles and tried both the slow and vari flow teats.

The Chicco bottle itself is aesthetically pleasing. It's a nice, smooth design with a wide teat and minimal parts to assemble after sterilisation. This is particularly useful if you have a very hungry baby and make each feed up fresh.

The bottles went down a treat with Alfie, he took to the new teats first time. I was pleasantly surprised at the decrease in his wind since I started using them.

I'd recommend these bottles to any new mums out there. I need some more bottles and intend to purchase more of the NaturalFeeling bottles seeing as they've gone down so well.

Tested by Lori Arslan, mum to Leyla, who is 10 weeks old. She says:

The bottles have proved a big success here for when she is having an expressed feed. They are really easy to clean given that the teat is so much bigger and deeper than others I have tried, and the wide rim in the bottle made it very easy to get inside and clean. The wide rim would also make formula preparation easy and no mess of residual powder. In the smaller bottles the 3oz marker is difficult to see unless you get to eye level given the shape of the bottle. Similar problem on the taller bottle marker. Not a showstopper just a small inconvenience I would imagine for those giving formula feeds to ensure the right amount of water is present.

My baby took to the bottle really well for her expressed feeds. She's almost three months so found that the faster flow worked much better for her because she was collapsing the teats on the slower flow. She didn’t fuss when she first tried them and although dribbled at lot more than usual she got the hang of the teat quickly. She didn't refuse any feeds from these bottles.

We have tried Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature with her and she took those equally as well but I found that she had a lot more wind to bring up using TT bottles than she did with the Chicco. Often she wouldn't burp at all with the Chicco. This made me nervous to begin with but there were no later episodes of crying or tummy ache. The benefit to the TT over the Chicco (at the moment) is the availability of the product and spares (teats, replacements etc). TT seem to be everywhere, but I've only seen the Chicco in Boots.  Price wise TT are cheaper and often included in baby events but the difference would not put me off the Chicco due to the wind being reduced, how she took the teat and ease of cleaning.


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