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Comotomo Baby Bottle Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2019 Shortlisted Best Bottle Feeding Product

At a glance:

This soft, flexible bottle is a perfect shape and texture for little hands and is perfect for weaning as it mimics the breastfeeding process. The bottle is leak-free and allows milk to flow steadily at your baby’s pace, helping to ease colic. Made with a soft, skin-like silicone material to offer a soothing, calming touch, and better grip it will keep your baby's active hands busy during feeding time. 

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Elena: I would definitely recommend this product to a friend. It has got a few great features. It is easy to clean due to the flexible body and wide mouth. It doesn't have curvy bits like other plastic bottles do and it has a great design. The soft silicone base is very nice to handle and is very different from other bottles.

Kirsty: I would recommend the Comotomo bottles because they are a great product for easy cleaning. Many friends babies suffered from colic and these bottles have two fantastic vents which allow your baby to feed without taking in too much air. The bottles are both great sizes and not too bulky which is ideal for tucking them into tight spaces in a bag.

Kathryn: I gave my friend who has a new baby the slow flow bottle as I have confidence in the product. I would recommend this bottle because it is easy to clean and store as it takes up minimum space. I liked the design of the lid, as the ridge meant it was easy to remove even when my hands were soapy.

How did this product make your life easier?

Alix: I found this product was great for my daughter to grip on and self-feed. The soft silicone made it easy for her to grip the bottle and hold it steady without it sliding off her hands. It’s quick and easy to use. Very easy to clean. It was very easy to take apart and put back together for quick assembly.

Carolyn: This bottle makes life easier as the wide neck means there is less spillage when making a bottle. I found using this bottle prevented trapped air which is great for babies with wind and colic. This makes feeding go down with ease. The rubber texture is a lot softer for babies to feel, especially ones who are in transit from breast to bottle as it actually feels a bit like a mothers breast.

Kelly: The Comotomo baby bottle has a wide neck allowing formula milk to be easily placed inside. It is easy to use because of the length and the wide neck which is a bonus if you don’t have a bottle brush to hand. Unfortunately, my son did not take to the teat of the bottle.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lauren: I would definitely be more inclined to buy these over other brands. They look really cute and well made. Although the large opening and anti-colic property of the bottle is a huge selling point, there are other brands that offer a self-sterilising feature which I do not believe these bottles have.

Leah: I wouldn't choose this product over others on the market. I loved how stylish it looked and the novelty of it being flexible. My baby fed the same with this bottle as his usual one so it does not justify the extra cost. It was sometimes a little hard to get the lid on the bottle when only having one hand free, probably due to it being flexible. With three children I need to be able to do things fast and one-handed!

Elena: Comotomo promotes that this product is easy to clean and I strongly agree. It doesn't have any curvy bits like other bottles do. It has got an unusual design with the soft hygienic silicone body which is very nice to handle. I can't really comment on the anti-colic air-vent system, as I was using this bottle later on when my baby was 11-months-old and didn't suffer from colic. Overall, this product definitely stands out among other feeding bottles.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kirsty: The one thing I would change about these bottles is the sizes. As my child gets older and wants more milk the bigger size won’t be big enough. This is a great shame.

Kathryn: The cost of this bottle would put me off purchasing it. Although there are benefits to this bottle, I do not feel that these warrant the additional cost. When giving a baby multiple bottles a day, more than one bottle is required so multipacks would make me more likely to buy it. Otherwise, I would definitely continue using this product in the future.

Alix: I would change the amount of liquid you can hold in these bottles. I think the way they are built and the quality is excellent. They could have bigger bottles for babies who drink more than 250ml. The bottles did leak when squeezed too hard which is another thing that I would change. The design, colour and lettering are lovely features.

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