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Kendamil First Infant Milk at a glance: 

Kendamil is the most natural, traceable and sustainable organic infant formula in the world. We proudly manufacture the only British-made Stage-1 formula using 100% organic milk from local farms throughout the Lake District, with zero GMOs, antibiotics or pesticides. Our full-cream formulation contains the highest level of natural milk-fats in the industry and includes DHA and natural MFGM, as identified within breast-milk. We proudly use zero palm oils, meaning better calcium absorption for your little-one and protecting our rainforests, while our plant-based Omega-3 guarantees zero fish oils, protecting our oceans. Kendamil is certified organic by the British Soil Association.

How did this product make your life easier?

Alexandra: My baby is almost sleeping through the full night since going onto Kendamil formula milk. He is now a much more happy and content baby and doesn’t seem to suffer in pain from colic or constipation like he used to. The heartache you feel as a parent who can’t make the pain go away for your baby is unbearable. We tried so many other things e.g. colief drops, gripe water, Gaviscon, etc and none worked to help him. This has been a life and sanity saver.

Lisa: It gives me peace of mind knowing exactly what I'm feeding my baby and that I don't have to worry about running out of milk due to the subscription service and that you can order online for next day delivery too. You can clearly see that the brand is fully fledged british, even with the red tractor logo, what more reassurance do you need being a new mum and so many confusing brands on the markets.

Danielle: Wow! I absolutely love Kendamil milk. I loved the fact that it is a larger tin (900g instead of the usual 800g that other brands provide). This means less trips to the shop which is always good! Per 100g this milk costs the same as other leading brands. My baby seemed so much more comfortable with this milk than her usual milk, she seemed more satisfied and I would assume this is because it is made using whole milk. The milk powder smelt really pleasant. I would absolutely recommend Kendamil to other mums.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Rebecca: I would recommend this to other mums as it feels nice to support a British company and this milk is cheaper than other brands on the market. The containers are also very robust unlike some other brands that have a cardboard like container which can feel a bit flimsy. its also very easy to use with the scoop leveller built in to tub.

Danielle: Before using Kendamil, I felt like my baby was constantly hungry. I was feeding her more often and she never seemed satisfied. Feeding her Kendamil, she is satisfied and doesn’t seem to be as restless when sleeping. She is finally full! My baby also suffered with silent reflux and this also has eased moving her onto Kendamil, I assume this because the feed looks slightly thicker. My baby is definitely satisfied on this milk which means as a mum, I am confident she is getting all she needs.

Alexandra: This milk is brilliant. I had no issues changing from Cow and gate formula to Kendamil After suffering since a week old with colic, constipation and generally being upset and in a lot of pain, within 48 hours of switching from Cow & Gate he was a different baby. Absolutely no griping pain and so much happier plus he's sleeping 6-7 hours through the night. I would highly recommend this formula!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Lisa: The milk smells so creamy when made up compared to other brands and we also noticed it was more of a yellow colour whereas other brands were more of a clear white colour. You can also sign up for a subscription for 4-6 tubs to be delivered to your home every month, which gives you peace of mind rather than worrying when the next one is due to run out. And the bonus its free delivery too. It also costs the same as other leading brands but overall is a much better product, as its made here in Britain and you can source exactly where the milk has been manufactured. They also offer a organic version of the brand too.

Alexandra: Yes. I didn’t realise that the other formulas weren’t British made, I like to support British businesses. Also there is no palm oil which I think is important to saving the rainforests and the orangutans. Kendamil is also plant based so suitable for vegetarians which can be an important factor for lots of people.

Danielle: I absolutely think Kendamil should win! I have two children and used a range of different milks, this is by far the best. I am converted, so much so, that I have moved my baby over to Kendamil on a permanent basis. I don’t often see this milk advertised so I feel it is a little hidden gem that more mums need to know about. Well done Kendamil from your converted customer!

What changes would you make to this product?

Danielle: The one thing I would do to improve this product is to increase its availability in the shops. In my local area, I trawled the supermarkets trying to find it. Eventually, I found it in one single supermarket and via an online retailer. I don’t mind travelling just to buy the milk, but I wouldn’t necessarily shop in this particular supermarket all of the time. It is worth the journey in my opinion but would just be nice to stock it in more of the main supermarkets. If mums tried this, it would fly off the shelves!

Rebecca: The things I would change about this product would be that it was more readily available to buy in supermarkets and chemists instead of having to go to the larger stockists or order online. I would also like it if they did small bottles of pre-mix as when going out and about these are very convenient to use.

Lisa: Pre-made bottles to use when in hospital. This was difficult for me to manage especially as soon as I had given birth and that it was a c-section so I was unable to move from my bed for 6 hours and my partner wasn't around due to covid-19 restrictions. I had to wait for the nurses to provide equipment to my bed to make the bottles up and then for the bottles to cool down enough for the baby to feed from.

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