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Kendamil Follow-On Milk at a glance: 

Kendamil proudly makes the most natural, traceable and sustainable infant formula in the world. We manufacture the only British-made Stage-2 follow-on formula using milk exclusively sourced from local farms throughout the Lake District, a UNESCO World-Heritage Site. Our full-cream formulation contains higher levels of natural milk-fats and includes key components as identified in breast-milk including DHA, GOS and MFGM. We proudly use zero palm oils, meaning better calcium absorption for your little-one and saving precious rainforests, while our plant-based Omega-3 means Kendamil contains zero fish oils, protecting our oceans and making us vegetarian-friendly, as certified by The Vegetarian Society.

How did this product make your life easier?

Tiffany: This product is lovely. Mixes really well and has a handy scraper inside the lid making it quick and easy to dispense the right amount of formula into the scoop. Also the scoop fits neatly inside the tin once its closed. The scoops match the amount of oz in the bottle again making it simple for those tired days/nights.

Jeanne: It makes my life easier because I feel reassured that my baby is receiving all the nutrients he needs, and that it tastes good. The formula tin is well-designed and it’s easy to use and store the scoop. The lid closes well to keep the powder secure so it doesn't get contaminated or spill. The instructions on the tin are clear and easy to read.

Lisa: As a mother who was unable to breastfeed formula has been the only answer to feeding my daughter, Kendamil was easy to prepare and also made me feel at ease that my daughter was still getting the best nutrition I could offer without breastfeeding. I would definitely recommend this product to any new mothers.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Lisa: I would recommend this product because it is really easy to use. It is also a high quality formula and I felt my daughter was getting the best nutrition available to her without breast feeding. The packaging also gives this product a high quality look. I did not try this product with my daughter when she was first born but wish we had used it from the start. 

Emma: I felt that the product was value for money and competitively priced which is a plus point. I also liked the design of the tub, being able to store the scoop in the lid and also felt the packaging was attractive. I would only recommend this product to other mums who do not have perfect prep machine otherwise this would not make your life any easier as you cannot make bottles up to be used instantly as you can with other formulas.

Samantha: I would recommend this to mum, if they were choosing to formula feed their son/daughter. The price point of £9 and being made in the UK makes this a selling feature. You want to be confident in the things you are giving your little one and the various stamps and UK manufacturing gives you confidence in the brand. The product was very easy to use and make up bottles for my son. There are instructions on the side of the tin of what to do. Alongside those are suggestion guidelines of amount of milk.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Carol: No I wouldn’t choose this product at all if I’m honest, I didn’t find the consistency very good and found the mixing to be annoying as once mixed it was full of foam and bubbles which isn’t good when feeding baby straight after! There are plenty of other products on the market o have found better when mixing!

Emma: No. I would prefer a formula that is measured in ounces not only so that it can be prepared with the perfect prep machine but also as this measurement is much more familiar to me as a mum. I feel that I know how many ounces of milk my baby should be having at a particular stage and felt confused by this being prepared in ml. I also felt that once made up the milk was very frothy and remained like this making it difficult to see how much my daughter had actually drank which is important for me to know as she does not always fiinsh all of her bottles.

Tiffany: I love the fact that it’s made in the UK, I think this is a massive plus point. The price is very competitive too so an easy choice when comparing so many milks. The lid was a bit fiddly compared to some others. You need 2 hands to get it off easily which I understand is a good from a safety point of view but not when your hands are full or you’re trying to juggle lots of things at once which often happens as a mum.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lauren: If I could change one thing then it would be the price. Purchasing milk for babies costs a lot of money and I would pay between £10/£12. My reason for this is because I can purchase from a different brand for £8 and this milk would be in all stores including local shops making it a lot more convenient and easier as a parent.

Jeanne: One thing that would help to make life even easier would be to have a ready-to-feed option, or perhaps some pre-measured powder sachets, for when you’re out and about with baby. This would make it far more convenient to use on the go, or simply when you don't have time to make the bottle up because baby is hungry and doesn't want to wait!

Samantha: If I could make a suggestion or a change for this product it would be that they offer the product in a ready made single use bottle. The product only comes in powder form which means when you are not in the house you must ensure you have access to the hot water to safety make up the product for consumption. Other competitors in the market are offering the ready to use formula. This would lessen the amount of things you need to pack when leaving the house an could also be a time saver, as there would be no need to easier for a boiling kettle.

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