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Kendamil Organic First Infant Milk Review

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Kendamil Organic First Infant Milk at a glance:

Kendamil is the most natural, traceable and sustainable organic infant formula in the world. We proudly manufacture the only British-made Stage-1 formula using 100% organic milk from local farms throughout the Lake District, with zero GMOs, antibiotics or pesticides. Our full-cream formulation contains the highest level of natural milk-fats in the industry and includes DHA and natural MFGM, as identified within breast-milk. We proudly use zero palm oils, meaning better calcium absorption for your little-one and protecting our rainforests, while our plant-based Omega-3 guarantees zero fish oils, protecting our oceans. Kendamil is certified organic by the British Soil Association.

How did this product make your life easier?

Jo: I like the tinned milk tin that it comes in. It keeps the milk powder fresh at all times. It is of a good size but at the same time it isn’t too bulky and doesn’t take too much room when put away in a cupboard. The design of the product is neat and calm in the colour choices which make us eye catching to me. I like the ingredients included and pleased that it has all the vitamins and I minerals needed for my baby who is exclusively formula fed.

Amy: I love the fact that they come in tins of 900g rather than the usual 800g that other brands provide. The tins go further which means that you are buying them less often. Although they say milk is milk, I think there is a clear difference between Kendamil and other leading brands. My baby was satisified and full and this hasn’t been the case with other milks. It has definitely improved the mood of my baby as she is not constantly rooting for food/wriggling in her sleep. 

Charlotte: I love this product as I was combine feeding and this is also organic. It makes my life easier as breast-feeding can be hard especially in the middle of the night so this helps with those top up feeds if I have forgotten to pump or in the middle of the night. I like to know that its also uk made and that its organic.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Charlotte: I have already recommended this brand. My son has/had reflux and he really struggled. He would gulp on his bottle or breast, cry, vomit, scrunch over like he had belly ache and was just generally not a very happy little boy. When we received this we thought what have we got to lose. We have since ditched our other brand and solely use Kendamil as my little boy is no longer sick, he does gulp, he doesn't scrunch over in pain and he is a lot happier.

Rachael: Baby really enjoyed it and had no tummy problems. It was just simple to use and didn't take forever to mix up and get the lumps out which can be soooo frustrating when baby is hungry and cranky and you already have so much to do with a little one. Anything that saves time is a win in my eyes and if using multiple times a day this will add up to a lot of time saved.

Danielle: I would absolutely recommend Kendamil to other mums. My baby was constantly wanting more food and never seemed fully satisified until using Kendamil. She seems much happier after her feeds and settles down to sleep. Before Kendamil, she wriggled all night - her sleep has definitely improved. I fully believe that this is due to Kendamil being made from whole milk. The milk smells really nice too! I couldn't recommend Kendamil more highly!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Zainab: I would choose this product over others despite it having a slightly higher RRP purely for the fact that is organic, although I had never heard of this product before after researching in to it I was more than happy to use it with my baby. However I have not since seen this product in my local shops which is where I would usually pick up my baby formula so I have mot re purchased it. I would have to make a specific order online for this which isn’t the most convenient, if It was more accessible I would be much more like to repurchase this.

Jo: I would recommend this product to mums looking for a good quality milk powder that has all the key ingredients for their baby to start life on a good milk. However, the price is slightly higher to other competitive milk powders such as Hipp, which is also organic. If the price matched the other brands it would be a serious contender to win.

Danielle: Although, I love the Kendamil brand. I actually prefer the standard Kendamil stage 1 milk. The standard milk is £9 for 900g compared to the organic which is £12 for 800g. Maybe it is just personal preference but I didn't notice any difference between the two milks and my baby enjoyed each equally. I understand that the organic milk has it's milk and vegetable oils from organic sources but the content is infact very similar to the standard. For me, I have moved my little girl onto thew standard Kendamil milk and I think for me the standard milk is the winner for me as you are getting the same goodness at a price that is sustainable.

What changes would you make to this product?

Danielle: I think the price is the only thing that puts me off buying this product full time. Although, I like the organic milk, maternity pay is the not the best. You have to try and balance affordability vs quality. If the price was slightly lower then I absolutely wouldn't mind paying slightly more. However, I feel the jump between the price of the standard vs organic is too high. I do love the Kendamil brand and am now using the standard Kendamil with my little girl.

Amy: The only thing I would do to improve this product is to have it available in more shops. I couldn’t find it in any of my local supermarkets, which is such a shame! I found it online but I personally like to buy my baby products in a supermarket and have the confidence that if I was to run out, I could quickly run and get another tin. Kendamil do provide a stockist list but unfortunately does not show any availability within our area.

Jo: If I could change the product in any way it would be the rice as there are similar brands out there that offer a similar amount of milk powder for a lot less. Therefore when comparing the products I would be tempted to go for a cheaper brand that has similar ingredients. This would make life easier and better as women particularly on mat leave on a very low wage would still have the reassurance of having Kendamil that is a good quality milk but knowing they aren’t paying over the odds for what it is when there is cheaper available.

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