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MAM Easy Start Bottle Set Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Bronze Best Bottle Feeding Product

At a glance:

This starter set of MAM's Easy Start bottles are all anti-colic and self-sterilising, meaning your baby's milk can be ready in minutes! What makes this set so good is that MAM Skin Soft™ Silicone Teats are also included, which are accepted by 94% of babies. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Sarah: Since using these bottles, feeding my little one has become much easier and less messy! With the previous brand of bottles we used prior to testing these, he would regularly dribble milk from the sides of his mouth, and it was difficult to know what size teat to use. However, since using the MAM bottles, we have had no leaking during feeds, and he has taken to the teats perfectly. The ability to sterilise the bottles in a microwave is also very helpful, especially on the go or when visiting relatives.

Charlotte: My baby is breastfed the majority of the time and given a bottle of milk once a day. These bottles make life so much easier for us as they can be sterilised individually in the microwave rather than us having to turn the big sterilizer on for just one bottle a day. My baby has accepted these bottles alongside breastfeeding which means I can get some time to myself and his daddy can also get involved with some feeds.

Jasmine: The product has everything in one box that you need to start bottle feeding baby. It has dummies various sized bottles and teats so as to avoid further expense as baby grows. It’s easy to sterilise the product as it’s self sterilising with a just add water approach. It’s also a fantastic design for removing air bubbles so less likely to have a baby suffering from colic.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Victoria: I would recommend this product to my friends and fellow mums. The bottles are extremely high quality and each of the features advertised by the company is applicable to the bottles. Since using these bottles, my baby no longer suffers from colic due to the anti-colic features of the bottle. The bottles’ self-sterilising feature is extremely useful when travelling. This function is simple yet quick and I have full confidence that the bottles are sterilised to a good standard.

Rebecca: I would absolutely recommend this product to any mum. Firstly it's a very attractive product with a very cute zebra and flamingo design which is a stand out feature. They are super easy to use, clean and sterilise. You get a variety of bottle sizes, teats and even handles to follow the baby from birth to 6 months plus. I feel the price is extremely reasonable for the amount you get and the excellent quality.

Natasha: Yes! The design on the bottles are always lovely, after trialling them, we liked them that much that we decided to purchase another set and the pictures on them were just lovely. Extremely easy to sterilise and perfect for taking on the go to relatives' houses or general outings due to their ease of simple washing, sterilising and using again in a matter of minutes.

Would you choose this product to win?

Kimberley: Yes I would choose this product over all others on the market and I think it is a deserving winner. The one thing that has really made it stand out is the vented base that reduces the air intake. It really did make feeding easier and resulted in a calm and content baby. It was good to have the smaller bottles during new born days and then the larger ones for when my daughter grew bigger.

Victoria: I would choose these bottles above other leading market brands because they have had an extremely positive impact on my baby’s feeding habits and routines. My baby has loved using these bottles and gets on very well with the teat, which is familiar to his MAM soothers. The bottles come in a range of designs and colours, meaning that I can choose a design based on gender or favourite colour.

Sarah: I think this product should win the category. Apart from the sterilising in a microwave, the bottles are just so easy to use, very easy to clean, and can be used with bottle prep machines too, which I have found very useful! The main thing that stands out for me is the style of the teat. I found that, although my little one would accept the teats of the other bottle brand we used since birth, he accepted this one easier, he fusses less at the bottle, and he has much less wind than before.

What changes would you make to this product?

Charlotte: I wouldn't change anything about this set, I think it's a very good value for money but if I had to be really picky I would say to include more than one training spout and handle set. But as I said, I'm very impressed they're included in the first place. This is a great set, great design and I will be recommending it to all my pregnant friends and family in the future.

Natasha: If I had to be picky and chose something to change to make life easier, it would be to make the top part of the bottle slightly wider to make cleaning that end of it easier. But that being said, the size of the bottle doesn't make cleaning hard and it would literally be a tiny element that would alter the process fractionally (if that) easier. Over all, we have loved this product!

Jasmine: I found that the teats flow a lot faster than other brands I’ve used and my baby struggles to keep up even with 4+ month teats when she’s nearly 7 months old. This could just be my baby though and it’s a free-flowing rather than a product that baby needs to suck which might be confusing for babies at times, but only a minor thing that is probably more pertinent to my baby than babies in general.

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