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Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Gold Best Bottle Feeding Product

At a glance:

Milton's Baby Bottle Cleaner from Milton is designed to remove all milk residue from your baby's bottle, which could be responsible for the growth of harmful bacteria to your baby. It's fragrance, colouring, and paraben-free as well as suitable for washing all baby and family items. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Pamela: I love this product and it 100% makes my life easier as a mum. My daughter’s health and well-being are my number one priority and this product makes sure that her bottles are always clean. As we bottle feed every day, it can be hard to keep up ensuring that we always have clean bottles but this makes the process so quick and easy.

Samantha: This product is brilliant! Not only is it very simple to use, but it actually does what it says on the bottle! Using the Milton bottle cleaner is quick and easy to use. It lathers up just like any washing up liquid, but after a gentle soak it removes most of the milk residue, so all it needs is a quick wash with the brush and they are ready to be sterilised. I loved this product and would most certainly look out for it during my weekly shops!

Natalie: Super easy product to use when washing bottles and cups for my little one. It gives you a great peace of mind knowing that no nasty chemicals are used and that its cleaning your babies things completely. It comes in a handy bottle which makes it easy to store and also carry around should you need to take it on your travels. It doesn't have any nasty smells either.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Victoria: I would recommend this product to a parent or friend who is looking for a product that is specifically designed to be a bottle cleaner. It is a good price which also makes it appealing to the buyer. However, I did not find that this product cleaned the bottles any better than our usual washing up liquid.

Helen: I would definitely recommend this product to other parents as it’s a good value for money and does a good job of removing and visible milk residue while giving peace of mind that and invisible nasties are gone too! It left my bottles gleaming and smelling fresh. It also worked wonders on a bottle that had been left with milk all day. It cleaned the bottle easily and left no residue.

Samantha: 100%! This product makes bottle cleaning so much easier! No more scrubbing bottles and then re-scrubbing to remove all of the milk residues, it removes most of it for you during a gentle soak. The bottle is so easy to use, like a sports cap you simply lift up, squeeze and close again, it couldn't be simpler.

Would you choose this product to win?

Pamela: Yes I really like this product and would most likely choose it above other products on the market. It’s so simple, effective, good value for money and it does exactly what it says it will. It is easily accessible to purchase and can be taken anywhere. It has such a good, clean finish which is so important for all.

Helen: Yes I would choose Milton over other bottle cleaners I have used. Milton is a name I know and trust so I would have selected this in a supermarket anyway. I have found it has a natural pleasant smell when other brands have smelt strongly acidic. I love that it is colourless too, no added unnecessary chemicals. The proof is thereafter every wash, gleaming, fresh bottles.

Natalie: I haven't seen another product like this currently on the market which makes it a winner in my eyes. It's so much safer than using washing up liquid on your baby's products. Milton is a trusted brand name over the years so you're guaranteed a product you can trust and at a great price, it's a product you can't refuse that gives you a peace of mind.

What changes would you make to this product?

Helen: I would prefer a more attractive looking bottle as it sits next to the sink and on constant display. A reduced plastic option would be amazing too as this is something I would regularly buy and plan to replace when this bottle is empty. Other than the look of the bottle the product has suited me really well and is a product I will use.

Victoria: If I could change one thing about the Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner, I would like it to clean the bottles to a better standard. Considering this product's sole purpose is to clean bottles, I found it no better than a generic washing up liquid. If this bottle cleaner cleaned bottles and teats more thoroughly, I would definitely buy it.

Samantha: The only thing I would change is the lid. Although quite stiff, I would be worried that if a child got hold of it they would be able to open it fairly easily. That, and because it has a sports style lids like most drinks, I would be concerned that a child would think it is just like their other drinks and attempt to drink it. So the only thing is to look at a safety feature on the lid.

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