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Nuby UK UV Steriliser Review

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Nuby UK UV Steriliser at a glance:

This clever UV Steriliser uses ultraviolet light to sterilise your bottles and other items in 3 minutes with no water, microwave, chemicals, cooling time or drying! So simple to use - pop two bottles into the compact unit, zip it up, press the button on the front to start the cycle and you're good to go! In 3 mins, the UV light is zapping and killing 99.9% of bacteria (a method used by the NHS). You can use it for sterilising other accessories from toys, breast pump parts, teethers and your mobile phone! Compact, lightweight & made from an easy-clean, stylish fabric.

Why do you think this product is so different to anything else on the market?

Jaspreet: The UV steriliser is the lightest steriliser I have seen. It is also very easy to use and does not even look like a steriliser. It looks like a make-up bag. The lightweight and clever design means that it can be taken with you wherever you go. All you need is a power source and it will work fine. For other sterilisers you need to have a soft water source (to prevent limescale build-up on the heating element) or a microwave. With the UV steriliser all you need is a power source.

Suzy: As far as I know there are no other UV sterilisation products on the market, certainly not tailored to baby products and care (I think some exist in the medical world). It is also has a chic design, that looks like it would be suited in a fashion world rather than as a baby product. You would also never know from the outside that it was a sterilisation unit, so it would be useful if you needed to be discreet. This contrasts with most other baby cleaning products that always look either cheap or are very obviously just for cleaning.

Emma: I loved the fact the concept was completely new to me and I love the idea of cleaning with something the earth can provide us naturally even though it is man-made I still found the idea and concept brilliant since COVID I have wanted to stay away from more and more chemicals and this was really what I have been searching for.

Why does it change your life with your baby?

Jaspreet: The UV steriliser is the quickest steriliser I have seen. It takes only 3 minutes to sterilise items. In addition, the item can be used straight away without worrying about them being too hot to handle. It is great for those moments when you need to sterilise something quickly or for when you only have a limited number of items with you. Making it great for when on holiday.

Louise: Sterilising bottles, teats and dummies is easy – when you have finished you can simply remove the metal rack & dry the inside. Its clean, quick and is great for when you are going away as you can fill it with the bottles so there is no wasted space. Its handy carry handle also makes moving it around easily and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have it on a flat surface when you turn it on.

​Emma: I found that it was so easy to use and so I felt as though long mundane tasks were not taking up my day! I didn't need to panic and think oh gosh I need go out again for sterilising tablets and even better I was able to take it to visit family and I didn't feel as though I was invading their home with my newborn.

What excites you about this product?

Jaspreet: I really like the fact that Nuby is trying to break the mold with the method of sterilisation used. It has clearly worked and been beneficial in other areas. I also like the fact that you can sterilise other items in the UV steriliser that would not normally be sterilised. For example, you can sterilise teething rings and dummies without worrying about them melting.

​Emma: The biggest thing that excited me was the fact I didn't have to go wait for the bottles to be cooled and for me, this was magical the worst thing was having a screaming baby and thinking the bottles are still too hot to touch and it was fabulous that they were amazingly sterilised, didn't have that funny smell and I could get on making bottles!

Suzy: It is very exciting that this new product is really the first to pioneer the use of UV light in portable baby bottle sterilisation. In addition, it can be used on other products like dummies, toys or teething products. This is so useful when everything around the house always seems like it needs a clean! It also excites me that someone is taking the time to make a baby product look fashionable and chic and make it seem more like a fashion item!

What one thing would you change about this product?

Suzy: The price! Although the new technology is exciting and must therefore command a higher price, I think it might be pricing itself out of the ordinary market. For example, boiling products costs only the cost of electricity. Our steam, microwave steriliser takes more items, takes 4.5 minutes and only cost £23.99; so whilst it’s more faff to use, it is certainly more affordable for the average parent.

Jaspreet: The one thing I would change about this steriliser is that I would like to see a few UV lights on stalks that can be used to sterilise the inside of bottles better. The only downfall of this product is that it states that there needs to be a clear light of sight between the light source and the surface being sterilised. I am worried that it would not be able to sterilise the inside shoulder of some bottles or the inside of breast pumps effectively and accommodate the curves and corners.

​Emma: I would honestly change nothing. Having a disability and having a poorly baby this has saved me so much time! Something that I would never be able to explain how grateful I am, its brilliant how easy it is to use, how safe I feel using it, and its not an appliance where I'm getting angry for being disabled where all I want is to be an independent mother! This has really opened my eyes and I have loved showing my family its such a magical amazing product!

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