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Philips Newborn Natural Starter Set Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Bottle Feeding Product

At a glance:

Philips' Newborn Natural Starter set makes it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding for your baby. The bottles have ultra-soft teats, an anti-colic valve to reduce colic, and they're easy to clean and assemble. The set also comes with a bottle brush that reaches all the corners in the bottle to ensure a thorough clean. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Dannibelle: The Philips AVENT newborn starter gift set makes my life easier as a mum as it contains all that I need and more to swiftly make a bottle for the baby. I have had many bottles in the past and this one seems very easy to handle lightweight and the biggest thing that I like about these bottles is that they are the extra-wide teats. The dummy is something that I have not used and don't intend to, however, it is great for someone who requires one the cover that it comes with is convenient.

Samantha: The product is a great start for those who wish to have a range of bottles in ready, just incase at 2 am their little one is refusing the bottles that they already have in. The product comes with everything you need for an emergency or trial. Although there are only 4 bottles, which inevitably means you will need to wash them up and sterilise more frequently, it is a great trial set to see whether your little one prefers this brand of bottle. So as a mum, it is great to have these mini sets available ready for baby showers. The bottles themselves were easy to use and we had no issues with using them at all.

Stephen: The newborn starter gift set by Avent comes with two small bottles, two large bottles, a bottle brush and an orthodontic soother (dummy). My baby seems to take quite well to this product as the teat is soft and cushioned mimicking the breast. The bottle was easy to hold onto whilst feeding too. To be honest, we didn't notice much difference in the teat design in terms of use but baby liked it. The brush is brilliant for getting into those nooks and crannies which made cleaning the bottles and teats easier prior to sterilisation. The numbering is easy to see on the side of the bottles when feeding the baby too. As a gift, it is a thoughtful box-set giving products needed from day 1 and then larger bottles for later.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Vickie: I would definitely recommend this set as it comes with every you need for a newborn baby. The shape of the teat mimics a nipple. It’s lovely as the baby cannot tell the difference between the two. The grip of the bottles is perfect. They are easy to hold and great for when baby stars to hold the bottle themselves. They are very easy to clean and look very stylish.

Nicola: This product looks and feels really good quality-wise. I like that the larger bottle holds up to 9oz - it makes you feel like it would last for a long time. I think the set is most suitable for a mum who is combination feeding - the teat really looks like it mimics a real breast and is very soft and flexible.

Samantha: As a gift set I would certainly recommend this product as it comes with everything a new parent would need to try a new brand of bottle. As the bottles themselves I would happily recommend them. The brand is well known which means they are readily available at most supermarkets and chemists. The bottles are easy to use and can be popped into your changing bag without fear of leaking.

Would you choose this product to win?

Stephen: I would certainly choose the Avent bottles and brush over other market leaders. I am currently breast feeding and it is compatible with the manual and electric pumps which I love. Philips seem to understand good design which they have successfully imported into the baby market. The bottles and teats are well made and seem to last the beating they get from feeding, washing, and sterilisation. On top of it all, my baby feeds well from it.

Dannibelle: I think the Philips Avent newborn starter gift set has all that it takes to win. However, it is based on the individual's preference for the style/design of bottle/teat, and also the compatibility with other appliances the individual may have such as steamer or breast pump. Based on the product I really like it and my baby boy enjoys it and clings nicely onto it with both hands.

Nicola: I personally wouldn't choose this product above all others as I am exclusively formula feeding, and therefore wanted a much larger starter set which was better value for money. However, if you are combi-feeding and perhaps don't need as many bottles, this could be a nice little set and it certainly looks lovely.

What changes would you make to this product?

Nicola: I would like to see a bottle that would work with my breast pump, I understand that this is an industry thing that you want us to buy your pump, however I would not buy these as it easier for me to uses bottles that fit my pump. The lid is very tough to get off, my husband even commented on it, I thought it was for hygiene purposes but then I noticed there are holes in the lid.

Samantha: There isn't anything I would really change about the bottle. I liked how the bottle is very plain and simple, no worrying about using them for future babies and there isn't a massive pink fairy on the front. The only thing we did find with the bottle was that getting to the bottom of the bigger bottles in particular was difficult, as my partner had quite large hands, so getting in to ensure all of that milk residue was out was a little bit difficult for him, which meant I had to clean all of the bottles!

Stephen: A plastic case which could be sterilised too for the soother would be useful as an added extra in this gift box as it would very handy for mum to be able to keep the soother sterile. Other than the price, there is nothing else I would change about the product, it is a useful gift set especially for first-time mothers.

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