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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Bottle Feeding Product

At a glance:

Designed in conjunction with breastfeeding experts, the revolutionary Closer to Nature easy-vent teat mimics the natural flex, movement, and softness of a mum's breast, to make switching between breast and bottle easier than ever before. The bottles have been designed to be held in the most natural positions during feeding. They can be held in 3 ways: cradles comfortably in the hand, gripped in the same way as a traditional wide neck bottle or held from the base; making feeding comfortable for everyone.

How did this product make your life easier?

Emily: I love these bottles! So many other mums I’ve spoken to have said it took them ages to find bottles their babies would enjoy feeding from. Our baby has had these bottles from day one and loves them. I love that there were small bottles for when he wasn’t having much milk and now he has the large bottles.

Brigid: I love these bottles and I have used them for many years. I find the bottles and teats durable. The bottles are easy to assemble. The design of the bottle makes cleaning the bottles really easy so no milk residue is left behind ever. I am lucky that my baby has taken easily to the bottles and he holds the bottles and feeds himself now.

Billie: This bottle makes it easier as a mum because it’s so easy to use, my little girl took to it straight away with no problems what so ever, even after using a different brand of bottles which didn’t suit us very well. It’s simple and the numbers are easy to see once you start pouring boiling water into it.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rebecca: They’re great for babies with colic as the valve at the top helps them not to take in so much air which is actually good even for babies that do not have colic. The pricing is incredible for bottles that do the same as others which costs a lot more. They’re easy to use, a good size to pop in your changing bag and these are one of the only bottles I’ve found that actually fit into the bottle holders in my changing bag! In terms of hygiene, they’re easy and quick to clean with a bottle brush. Anything that can be done quickly as a Mum is an added bonus in my opinion!

Sharon: I have many Tommee Tippee products and find them very easy to use and no-nonsense, which is ideal for busy parents. The closer to nature bottles come in perfect sizes for all phases of baby's feeding, from newborn to 6 months+. Their design is neutral white and clear plastic, perfect for both genders.

Vicky: I would definitely recommend these bottles to other mums. The design is great, small at one end to help smaller hands hold the bottle when feeding. The quality appears high. I did drop a few times and there were no scratches or cracks, so they are well made. It's easy to fit into a changing bag for transport. The size markings on the bottle are clear and bold so easy to see when making up a bottle.

Would you choose this product to win?

Jennifer: Unfortunately not for my little one - I found the teet a little too stiff/hard and as a mostly breastfed baby he actually didn’t take to it quite as easily as I had hoped and prefers softer teeth offered on other bottles. If they were softer I think it would be a fantastic bottle.

Charlotte: As set out above, I wouldn't choose this product as my baby didn't take to them and appeared to struggle with the teat shape/flow. This may be because he was used to another bottle type and shape. However, in theory, I like the anti-colic feature and that they are apparently designed to replicate the breast.

Vicky: I think this product should definitely win. It has so many positive features. The size, quality, value for money, easy to disassemble and clean, the design and shape of the bottle, clear and accurate markings. My son was very happy feeding from these bottles. He rarely had wind and if he did it was brought up quickly.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rebecca: I struggled to think of anything I would change with these bottles. The only thing that may benefit the product would be to marker the 1oz mark on the bottle. For someone that winds their baby after each ounce it would be ideal not to have to guess, especially in the night when I feed in the dark. I can see the markings in the night with no light on but do have to guess when it gets past 2 ounces. This is really having to think about something I’d change and isn’t too much of a problem!

Charlotte: I would change the shape of the teat so that my baby found them easier to use. He appeared to find the shape slightly difficult and the flow didn't work for him (i had the slowest flow so it wasn't that it was too fast0. It may be that he is simply used to another bottle teat but unfortunately, these ones didn't work for him.

Billie: I don’t think I would change anything about this product, I love everything about it. It’s comfortable to hold when feeding my baby, it’s easy to transport and fits in my bottle pockets in the changing bag perfectly. The only thing I could probably suggest is making the 9oz bottle bigger because 9oz of water and 9 scoops of milk are hard to fit in.

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