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Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Silver Best Bottle Feeding Product

At a glance:

Tommee Tippee's perfect prep is your dream machine for sleep-friendly, perfect, body temperature feeds in under two minutes. It takes the fuss out of feeding time. Perfect Prep Day and Night features a digital screen, adjustable volume control and nighttime glow for perfect feeds around the clock.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sophie: This product makes life so much easier as a mum because it makes making up bottles so much easier and quicker. I wish I had this for my first child, less distress for the baby not having to wait the 30 minutes for a bottle to cool down or the 15 minutes for a bottle warmer to warm up a bottle. The light on it makes it so much easier at night time as I can make it without waking up the baby by putting on the main light. Also, the volume button is amazing. I can make bottles without waking up my eldest daughter that sleeps next door to our room from the loud beeping noise. Although I check every time as instructed, it has never failed me by being too hot or not warm enough, so my trust in the product is very high. I think it looks sleek in design and it looks great in my kitchen. I also think it is very easy to clean, therefore it not too time-consuming. Inserting and changing the filter is also very easy therefore making it a great product and not too complicated to use.

Rebecca: There is nothing worse than a crying baby that wakes from their sleep when they are hungry. My son is very unpredictable with his feeds and can be hungry after an hour or last 4 hours, so if I was to make a bottle using the kettle it would mean having a crying baby for 20 minutes whilst I wait for it to cool down which isn’t ideal. Knowing that I can make a bottle in less than two minutes is great for this reason! The feature of the volume and light control is great too. 

Laura: This has made my life easier because it’s made my life stress-free and I can use my time better like playing with my little one, then thinking about cooling a bottle down to the correct temperature. My family and I now take this product on holiday with us because it’s that easy to use. I love that I don’t burn myself with hot water. My daughter has got used to the noise of the prep machine so every time the prep machine goes off she knows that her bottle is getting made and she even stops crying!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Vicky: I would recommend the prep machine day & night to everyone. We used this all the time when at home. It's easy to set up and use. Just select the number of ounces required and press the button. It's easy to clean as the tray is removable and the water filter just needs changing every three months. The machine is not transportable but would suit any room in the home - bedroom, kitchen or lounge.

Emily: To new mums, I’ve told them that the prep machine is one of my top buys. It’s just so easy and stresses free to make a bottle, especially at night. I like the colour (white) and how simple it is to use. The onscreen instructions meant anyone could make a bottle and feel confident in doing so. It’s easy to transport so taking the machine to grandparent's houses was simple. Cleaning and changing the filter is also really easy with onscreen instructions.

Danielle: This product is so easy to use. It has a lovely sleek design and takes up very little space in the kitchen. I believe it comes in black, white, red and grey so it will look great in any kitchen. Inside the box is the machine, a Tommee Tippee bottle, and a cap, plus a filter for the prep machine. Setting it up was so easy with the help of the digital display. The first time you turn it on it gives you instructions on how to clean and install the filter ready for use. Then once set up you are given clear instructions on how to prepare your bottle. When the filter needs replacing the machine will tell you when to do that. It isn’t something that you would want to transport around a lot but it is very lightweight and could be if you needed to.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sophie: Yes, I would definitely choose this product above all others on the market, as to be honest I do not know any other products of this nature on the market. It is the only product I know that makes up the milk to a perfect temperature. All the other products I have used have just been to warm up the milk from a cold or neutral state. I think that this product is one of the most useful products I have used. 

Samantha: The only other product I have used is the original Tommee Tippee prep machine which again is so convenient and easy to use. I do however prefer this one as I said it’s way more compact and looks nicer which is ideal as I do leave this on my work surface. I like the fact it has the screen & talks you through making the bottle, also the cleaning process which I think is really good.

Rebecca: There really isn’t any other brand that has a product remotely like this so there is no competition. I did use the original Prep Machine with my first son and found it an absolute godsend. So in comparison to that, the features have really evolved from just two years ago. The fact there is no other gadget like this for making bottles so quickly means this should definitely win. It’s convenient and easy to use the machine to make a bottle. Having used the original Prep Machine, I would 100% pay the extra for this one - you cannot put a price on sleep and the new features enable it to be an even better product than the original.

What changes would you make to this product?

Emily: The one thing I would change would be to have the option to make less than 120ml bottles. The lowest setting is 120ml or 4oz. When my baby was a newborn, he was only have 2-3oz at a time. I was having to throw away a lot of milk. This is the only issue I found with the machine and is something I’ve warned other mums if they don’t like a waste.

Danielle: The one thing I find frustrating about this machine is the number of times you have to press the button so that it moves onto the next stage of the bottle making. I find sometimes I think I’ve pressed it enough times and go to grab something and come back to find the hotshot hasn’t come out or the bottle hasn’t been filled. Obviously this is my fault but I have used the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine and it is much simpler to use in terms of making the bottle. You press the button once for the hotshot and then again for the rest of the water. With the day and night prep machine, you press it a total of 6 times I believe, and with a crying baby desperate for their milk this can be quite frustrating! It would be good to be able to override this setting once you had gotten used to using it.

Rebecca: I struggled to think of something that could be improved on this product in all honesty. Perhaps the sizing of the product would be the only thing I would change if I had to- it does take over a bit of the work surface in our small kitchen so along with the steriliser, bottles, and formula I do feel our kitchen has been taken over by such a small person! I’m unsure if this could be made smaller given that you need the water filter but perhaps it could in some way be made taller instead of wide.

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