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Lola&Lykke® Smart Electric Breast Pump review Review

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Lola&Lykke® smart electric breast pump at a glance: 

Smart touch screen technology with streamlined design builds in a super-convenient pumping experience. USB rechargeable battery with 2-hour battery life and light motor unit connected to the pump guarantee handy, wireless use. The smart touch screen display features a memory button and timer for easy tracking and recording of pumping sessions. 6 stimulation settings and 9 expression modes mimic the baby´s natural sucking pattern and the ultra-soft silicone breast shield helps massage the breast to promote let-down and optimize milk flow. Pump directly into the milk bag, feed directly from the bag and store milk safely with the handy adapter.

How did this product make your life easier?

Brogan: This makes my life easier as a mum as this is one powerful breast pump! This is very powerful compared to others I’ve tried I had given up with pumps as they never seemed affective at all even with a oversupply of milk! I love how all of the functions are on top of the bottle/pump makes life so much easier as there’s no complicated buttons to fiddle with!

Tanya: This breast pump is wireless which makes it super easy to multi task. If you used it with a pumping bra you'd be able to go about your day and complete other tasks whilst pumping. Although the unit is lightweight it does start to get quite tiring to hold especially if your pumping sessions take a while. It comes with a stand that you could rest it on the table but depending on your breast size you may not be able to do this. I also like the idea of the bags being able to attach to the pump itself as its a lot cleaner and easier to put them straight into the freezer although I didnt use this feature. Its also great that the bags fasten straight to the bottle teats too and will make life a lot easier for busy mums. The suction is really good and personally didn't take long for me to pump and it is very easy to increase and decrease the suction to suit your flow.

Helen: This product makes life easier as a mum because it’s so quiet to use it didn’t wake my sleeping husband or baby and it’s so convenient as it’s wireless that you can literally use it anywhere! It’s really easy to charge with a USB charger and each charge lasted for ages so could easily be taken to work, on holiday or to hospital if you needed to. You can express directly into a bottle or a freezable storage bag and the digital display makes it super easy to operate. It also has very few parts so is very straightforward to clean.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Catherine: I would recommend this product to other mummies, friends and family members. I think it is great - it was easy to use, the screen for control was great and the success I had using was great also. I have used other 'portable' pumps in the past, and found them noisier than this, and a lot less comfortable. This is a great design!

Kelly: I love everything about this product from the stylish box that you can’t wait to open, the colour of the box and the product itself which is pale mint and clear with an amber tone, with a pretty design on the product with its engraved floral pattern. Everything about this product is stylish and sophisticated, it looks and feels expensive, its more of a luxury item. The bottle that also comes as part of the pack is very high quality and lovely looking. The pump itself is really easy to use and to put together and / or take apart, its only 5 pieces in total, all very straight forward and easy to use although the instruction booklet is also very clear with diagrams if you weren’t sure, within the instructions are also helpful tips and guides. I absolutely love the fact this product is re-chargeable and just connects by USB – there are no wires to get in the way – this for me is a real winner and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this. 

Tanya: The design is beautiful, its a lovely colour and looks sleek and modern. Its not bulky and it is wireless so very easy to transport and use on the go. Its really quiet so you can use it on a night without waking the baby. The silicone shield is so soft and very comfortable to use. The smart screen is useful because if you are pumping and busy doing something else and you need to adjust suction level it is right there in front of you. Its really simple and easy to use the smart display with a very informative booklet. The booklet is in lots of different languages but is kept simple and to the point. The instructions are clear and concise and its really easy to follow. There arent lots of pieces to assemble and clean so its a very fast process and a lot more hygienic. With other breast pumps I hate the milk tube that you have to try to clean and this pump doesn't have that.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Kelly: There isn’t a reason as to why I wouldn’t recommend this product to all my Mum friends. I definitely think this should win above all others on the market. I would never go back to a wired pump now after using this product. The main reason this product stands out for me is the USB charge and the no wires although I absolutely love the design, look and feel of the product. The product is so easy to use, comfortable and soft against your skin. I love all the different setting options to make it easier for your milk to flow and make expressing smooth, pain and hassle free. There is hardly any noise from the pump making it very discreet too.

Catherine: For the portability of the product I would chose this one over other portable ones I have seen / tried on the market. I have tried many pumps, and this is the only tube free option I have actually liked, had success with that matched tubed designs and has the best feel / comfort factor. I think this is a great design, thoughtfully produced and packaged. 

Brogan: I would choose this product above all due to how easy and effective this pump is and how much Milk it helps express, I think it stands out because it actually does what it says it does and is a powerful pump compared to a lot of the other so have used. One have compared to this! It’s handy how the machine comes apart completely with little effort so it easy to clean And how easy it would be to take out and about as it’s small discreet and isn’t as loud as others!

What changes would you make to this product?

Naomi: I think considering how nice it is I would quite like a case or bag to transport it in. At least for the main body. I would want to protect it from any damage when carrying it around. A stylish sturdy one to match the breast pump preferably with a cooler section to store a small amount of milk. Also it is quite heavy and I would worry about using it with an expressing bra so perhaps look at the balance or provide an attachment.

Charli: I wish it came as a double pump to make it even easier to pump both breasts. It is very effective at removing milk so having two would make light work of pumping. I imagine it would be very useful as a double pump for mums who pump full time or return to work and have to pump away from their babies.

Brogan: I don’t think I would change one thing I love everything about the pump, the packaging it came in was lovely and can easily be stored back inside when not in use, I love how easy it is to be able to take out and about and isn’t loud enough to be obvious I would say it would be handy to have soemthing you could put it in to go out and about with but that’s a minor detail that you could Purchase yourself if you really wanted but it would Be a good add on to an already amazing product

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