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MAM 2 in 1 Single Breast Pump Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Breast Pump

At a glance:

The MAM 2in1 Single Pump offers mums the most flexible solution for expressing their milk. There is no need to choose between electric or manual pumping, with the MAM 2in1 Single Pump you can have both! All in one simple device! The electric pump device features stimulation and expression modes that mimic your baby's natural sucking behaviour and offers mums up to nine different suction strengths for optimum comfort. The sleek touchscreen technology is easy to use and the pump can be plugged in or used freely wherever mum chooses thanks to the rechargeable battery which lasts for 5 hours! 

How did this product make your life easier?

Jessica: This pump allowed me to quickly express good volumes of breast milk every morning that I could freeze for when I go back to work. It was effective and easy to use. I found it easy to put together and also to disassemble when needing to sterilise it. I also took the manual pump to a wedding and was able to quickly and discreetly express during the day.

Selina: The flexibility to use the pump while plugged into the mains to recharge the motor unit battery and then use whilst on the go makes life as a daily expressing breastfeeding mum more liberating using an electronic pump - in addition depending on the level of power you set, the battery of the unit can last up to 5 hours! The MAM bottles also have a self-sterilising function which offers mums less hassle and is more efficient - once bottles are washed and assembled per instruction - heating in the microwave for 3 minutes is such a time saver!

Neda: This makes my life so much easier as a Mum because I can quickly and easily express milk, so I have the opportunity to go for appointments, with the peace of mind that my baby will have her breast milk from other family members. This breast pump has everything you need--you can either pump straight into the bottle or into a storage pot.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Claire: I love breastfeeding and the bond it has helped me develop with my baby, but expressing milk has given me the freedom to leave my daughter with my husband and enjoy some baby-free time. The mam milk container that attached directly onto the pump makes it easy The display screen makes the product easy to use, it clearly tells you which expression mode the pump is in and the vacuum strength, this is useful when getting used to expressing milk as a new mum. I love the fact that this pump has an inbuilt battery and it charges when being used plugged into the AC adaptor. This is one less thing for me to think about and definitely makes my life easier. The funnel cover keeps the funnel clean when out and about meaning no worries about how clean the pump Is when using the pump out of the house. The self-sterilising function of the easy start MAM bottle is great and makes taking the bottles out and about easy.

Melanie: Yes, I would recommend this product as it was well designed, easy to use. Additionally, it was efficient at pumping even as a manual pump. It felt like a high-quality product, also the screen showed how long you had been pumping for in a session. This was useful as it was easy to work out how long it had taken to express a specific quantity of milk. The cover for the funnel was also great, as you could cover it and keep it clean before use. I particularly liked how flexible this pump was manual/electric and battery/attached to mains.

Elena: I would definitely recommend this pump to other mums mostly for its usability and design. Although it, like many other pumps has lots of little bits and parts - once you have assembled it once or twice it is easy to do - even when half asleep! You can use it in both modes with ease and you can use it wherever you want rather than being tied to a power cord.

Would you choose this product to win?

Neda: I would definitely choose the MAM 2 in 1 single breast pump over others in the market. It is as effective as the industrial-grade one that was lent to me at the hospital, without the price tag. It is compact, comfortable, easy to use, and very versatile, as it can be electric, manual, and milk can be expressed directly into the bottle for immediate consumption, or I to a storage pot for the fridge or freezer.

Hannah: I would choose this product for the fact that it is a mam product which my baby already knows and likes. This means it is also compatible with other mam bottles that I already own which is really useful. I would also choose this product for the fact you are able to choose whether you wish to use the pump electrically or manually which I haven't seen for other breast pumps on the market.

Stacey: I would choose this product over other breast pumps as through experience I have found that some other pumps on the market have ridges on the inside of the silicone inlay which can cause increased discomfort and pain, especially in the early days, so the large soft inlay in this pump was a welcome relief. The pump monitor unit is very stylish and the light display on the monitor unit makes it easy to use at night, but more importantly, the pump has many other very useful features. I believe this pump should win the award as it has made expressing for me not just easier but far more comfortable. I wish I had had the use of this pump from the very beginning of my breastfeeding journey.

What changes would you make to this product?

Julia: Due to the fact this pump has quite a lot of component pieces, some of which are quite small, it would be really useful to have a storage bag with it. If needing to take the pump to work or on holiday, or if wishing to leave the pump disassembled between uses, supplying a bag would make this a bit easier.

Melanie: I think that it might be useful to have a bag/box to carry around the pump and accessories eg for traveling/using at work. This would make life easier for on-the-go expressing. It would be useful to have specific MAM breast milk bags to attach to the pump rather than just the pots. These would take up less space in the freezer.

Selina: I am struggling to find constructive feedback to improve this product. I guess with all pumps, you have to decide which is the best setting for you and increase the settings to your preferred mode to stimulate/express. Perhaps a memory mode might benefit the best use of expressing breast milk but this may not be needed.

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