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MAM 2in1 Single Breast Pump Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2019 Shortlisted Innovation of the Year Awards

At a glance:

The MAM 2in1 Single Pump offers mums the most flexible solution for expressing their milk. There is no need to choose between electric or manual pumping, with the MAM 2in1 Single Pump you can have both! All in one simple device! The electric pump device features stimulation and expression modes which mimic your baby's natural sucking behaviour and offers mums up to nine different suction strengths for optimum comfort. The sleek touchscreen technology is easy to use and the pump can be plugged in or used freely wherever mum chooses thanks to the rechargeable battery which lasts for 5 hours! 

Why do you think this product is so different from anything else on the market?

Louise: I do not think that this product is much different from any others on the market because there are only so many ways to create a breast pump. I do like that the pack comes with both an electric and manual pump. Most other brands sell these separately as well as extra parts. The different teats for your baby from two to six+ months is good. I have not seen this with any other brands.

Taransay: This product is so different as it changes very easily between a manual and electric breast pump. Even in my sleep-deprived state, I can easily assemble (and de-assemble for easy washing) both of the devices quickly and efficiently. I absolutely love that there are so many different power levels when using the electric pump. I can easily work up to the most efficient strength. It comes with a variety of different teats to cater for your growing baby as well as a fabulous anti-colic bottle. One of the best features is the cap for placing inside the nozzle of the pump to ensure it’s kept clean and sterile even when you’re on the move. I love that both pumps work very effectively. I was dubious as to whether the manual pump would be as effective but it works brilliantly and I’ve enjoyed using them both.

Why does it change your life with your baby?

Louise: It has helped with my baby as I have the option of a manual or electric breast pump. Being an active mum, I look for something that is easy to use and comfortable. I am able to express milk throughout the day at ease. I found the initial assembly of the product slightly difficult. At first, it did not seem to work properly even though I had followed the full instructions. It turned out to be the membrane in the top needed to face a certain way. Keeping it clean is easy and it fits in my steriliser.

Taransay: This is one of the more effective breast pumps I’ve used. When I’m already short for time, it’s great to know that I do not need to sit pumping for ages to get enough milk. The electric pump isn’t too noisy. If I am worried about the sounds with a sleeping baby I can quickly and easily change it to a manual pump which is great. The set comes with great little storage pots. I can either pump into them or directly into a bottle that is ready for the baby to take.

What excites you about this product?

Louise: I like the fact that it is portable and it can be used as an electric or manual pump. This does make a huge difference being able to move about whilst in use. The option of 2in1 helps greatly. I tend to express a few times a day so I am generally away from my home environment. It is comfortable to use. The option of different teats for my baby depending on her age definitely makes a difference in feeding as it is catered to my babies needs and not just mine.

Taransay: I like the range of options that come with this set. Not only can I easily switch between electric and manual but there is also a range of storage options and teats. It comes with a fabulous cap to protect the nozzle if I’m out and about. One of my favourite features is the number of different levels on the electric pump. This ensures I find exactly the right strength to help me pump successfully. I love that the electric box is rechargeable so I’m not tied to pumping near a plug socket.

What one thing would you change about this product?

Louise: On the box, the rechargeable motor unit states that it has 'up to 5 hours of rechargeable battery power'. It never lasted this long. I would change this as it would be good to have a slightly longer battery life. The pump wasn't strong and I felt that I was not expressing as much milk as with other breast pumps. I would change to another setting to stimulate the breast more.

Taransay: This is a great product. However, as with all pumps, it’s not the most comfortable thing to do. Although the instructions mention the option to remove the silicon in-lay for more effective pumping, they also mention the fact that this option can be more uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anything that can be done about this. Once you get used to pumping it’s great, efficient and not too uncomfortable.

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