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Mam Manual Breast Pump Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2019 Shortlisted Breast Pumps

At a glance:

MAM has developed this manual breast pump with real attention to detail and it can be adapted to your individual needs. MAM say there are three reasons why expressing milk with the manual breast pump is very pleasant and simple: the suction controller, the adjustable funnel with soft breast pads and the general ease of use. The manual breast pump consists of just four parts making it quick and easy to assemble and clean.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Claire: I would recommend this pump to others but only for occasional use. I think if someone is planning to express frequently and regularly then an electric pump is more effective. My hand did get very tired pumping and I found the volume of milk I collected to be less in a given time. It is significantly cheaper than electric pumps and thus may be a suitable alternative to those who would prefer a budget option.

Elizabeth: I would recommend this breast pump as it is very easy to use. It is comfortable on both the breast and the pump itself is fairly comfortable to use. The pump is simple to sterilise and comes apart easily to ensure all parts are thoroughly cleaned. I have found it easy to take with me when required. I believe the pump is well designed and works easily and effectively without needing instructions as it’s very self-explanatory.

Charlotte: I would recommend the MAM manual breast pump as it is brilliant and fairly priced. It is a great starter pump. You don't have to spend too much money or worry about the quality. The bottle is beautifully designed with little characters on - a sweet extra touch. It is lightweight and small making travelling with it easy. It had great suction and performed well against my electric pump. It can be difficult to clean and I did find it hard to assemble initially. However, the instruction booklet was clear and I found it comfortable and easy to use.

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlotte: This product makes life easier due to its compact size. Unlike most electric breast pumps, this product isn’t much bigger than a standard bottle so can be easily transported. It remains hygienic because of the breast cup cover. With no batteries to think about, this product makes pumping on the go easier.

Hannah: The MAM manual breast pump is very easy to use and makes expressing small to medium amounts of milk much easier. I have used it during the weaning process to express milk for purees, porridge and ice milk lollies. I have started to express larger amounts and it would be easy to express enough for a morning/afternoon away from my baby without much hassle.

Jenny: The MAM breast pump overall was a fantastic product. The assembly instructions were very easy to follow – even with baby brain! In a few simple steps, the product was assembled and ready to go. The parts of the breast pump can be hand or washed in the dishwasher and sterilised. The bottle you pump into is bigger than some from other brands so when my baby got bigger and was needing more milk, I didn’t have to empty it into bigger containers or buy a bigger bottle.

Would you choose this product to win?

Jennie: It is the only manual pump I have used as I usually use an electric one. I used this product for expressing out and about. It was quick, comfortable and quiet. My hand was tired by the end of the pumping session and I could only seem to do it with my dominant hand. The bottle holds 160ml, a good volume for expressing into. It is quite easy to tell when the suction is lost with the transparent adaptor.

Hannah: I would choose this to win because it really is the best manual breast pump I have tried. It is competitively priced considering it pumps effectively, is comfortable to use and is very practical when out and about with both its lightweight design, quiet pumping and amazing self-sterilising bottles.

Katie: I rate this as it is the best single manual pump for the price. I managed to express a lot of milk with this pump and felt it was comfortable due to the shape and high-quality materials used. The actual pump was easy to use and I didn't get a sore arm like with other pumps which must be due to the design. MAM bottles are also amazing for mainly breastfed babies with their design and love the self-sterilising feature! So pleased with this product!

What changes would you make to this product?

Claire: I do not feel that the product looks like something that costs £40. It is very 'plasticy' (although I am guessing this is the best material in terms of weight and sterilisation). Its overall appearance looks quite cheap and the handle feels a little flimsy.

Elizabeth: I think the breast pump could have been a bit more discreet if it didn't have a big green handle to pump with. Although I did find it comfortable it did not come with different size nipple shields which I am aware many mums suffer with as one size does not seem to fit all.

Charlotte: I really like the MAM pump, great suction and well priced without altering the quilty. The one thing I would change is the design of connecting the pump to the bottle using the suction stick. It was tricky to assemble and time-consuming to connect. 

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