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Medela Swing Flex Premium Edition Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Breast Pump

At a glance:

The Medela Swing Flex gives mothers a quick yet effective breastfeeding experience, which is personalised to their preferences. It is also easy to use, compact, and portable so you can take it with you when on-the-go. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Diane: I have always struggled with breast pumps previously however this was simple and easy to use. It’s lightweight, not too noisey and I love the fact it can be run on mains or batteries. The cup size made it comfortable to use and it’s helpful that it comes with 2 bottles to pump into. Cleaning is also made easier as it comes with a microwave cleaning bag.

Rosie: Without this pump I’m sure I would have developed mastitis several times. Not something I would have wanted to contend with alongside a newborn baby. In addition, it was so efficient I had to stop pumping as I started to produce too much milk for my LO. At higher suction pressures I was able to pump 150ml in 5 minutes which meant minimal time sat attached to a machine. Great to stimulate milk production in the early days too.

Asiya: It’s great if you’re using a pump and especially if you’re travelling, as this is a bit more compact than some pumps on the market. Generally pumps help if you’re breastfeeding and out and about you keep a separate bottle milk supply to give a baby or if you have an oversupply and need to pump, personally I don't have these issues but do occasionally use a pump.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Shereen: Firstly the packaging is really premium and it’s exciting to open it all up. This breast pump was super comfortable and even though there weren’t as many speed options as other pumps it had more than enough options. It was very easy to use and easy to clean. It really stood up to a lot of washing and sterilizing. It is made of good quality material and has survived me dropping it on the floor twice. As breast pumps go it is one of the more transportable ones. You get lots of extras with the pump and that adds a really nice touch.

Lauren: I love this product because it is quite intuitive and easy to use. Having used other branded electric breast pumps before, I can say that this was powerful enough to make a sometimes tiresome job much quicker and easier. It ca It can also be adapted into a double pump. It is easy to disassemble and sterilise, then reassemble. It can be run via mains or via batteries, which is helpful and good to know. The instruction book is really useful. It even discusses the sizing of the breast shield and ensuring you are using the correct mm size, and what signs to look out for which could mean you need a different size. It has useful information like storage guidelines for expressed milk. Using the pump itself is straightforward, easy to follow instructions included, and buttons very clear and easy to read. Very neat and attractive pump.

Zoe: I would recommend this product to other mums as it’s a great brand, I have invested in a number of their products in the past and they’ve worked well for feeding my babies. The technology used in this electric pump gives me a far greater pumping session than other pumps on the market that I’ve tried, it’s also very quick and the fact that it’s battery operated also means I can take out if I have to express where there is no power.

Would you choose this product to win?

Laura: I found the pump slightly less efficient than my hospital grade pump and as your settings are not saved it is necessary to alter the pump suction level whenever you use it, this requires a spare hand if you are supporting the pump on the breast at the time. However, it is very comfortable on the breast and feels more natural than other pumps on the market. Being smaller and more portable than others I would recommend and I particularly like being able to use batteries rather than always needing to be near a plug. One feature it does not have which I like on other pumps is a timing function. When establishing supply knowing how long you are pumping for is useful and it would be preferable to have this on the pump itself.

Rosie: Yes, although it would be a toss-up between this and my older Medela swing pump. On the new model, I like the diaphragm separating the pump and the collector so that the pump tubing can’t be in contact with the milk. However, I prefer the longer, clear plastic in the neck of the collector of the older model - to be able to see the jet of milk. Being able to see the end of the nipple and jet of milk allowed me to ensure I was massaging out the duct effectively when I had a blockage. With the premium model, the neck of the collector is shorter and opaque and as I wasn’t sure I was targeting a blocked duct it took much longer to release and I ended up giving myself a friction burn trying to simultaneously massage.

Diane: I would choose this product above others as the packing is attractive and sleek, the additional parts that the pump comes with are very useful. It is definitely a product I would recommend for winning and I have already recommended this to other pregnant friends. It stands out to me because of the comfort of the cup on the pump as others I have used don’t always fit comfortably.

What changes would you make to this product?

Shereen: The pump was rather noisy. This makes it hard to use at night as I had wanted. I would try to express before my baby woke for his night feed so I could stimulate better milk flow but I had to go into another room to do so. No pump is silent but from the pumps my friends have this one is on the noisy side.

Zoe: The only thing I would like to change is the noise from the pump, it’s fine if I’m just expressing in the house... it’s only my husband and I. On the occasions I’ve been out without my daughter and have had to go to the bathroom to express, it is quite noisy for this to be done discreetly in a toilet cubicle. Apart from that, I wouldn’t change anything else, I love the ease of the bottles being able to be stored in the fridge, straight from the pump. Thank you Medela for allowing my baby to have my breast milk whilst giving me back a bit of me-time. You have helped me successfully feed both my babies, either from breast or pumped and in one of your bottles.

Asiya: To have a speed option and on the auction added as u find the pump I use has this option and adjusting slower and faster really helps rather than just the suction strength been adjustable. Also, I would personally prefer the tube to be longer as this product does provide quite a short tubing which is great for being mobile and using in the love but when sitting, especially when using whilst baby is on the other breast, the tube is very short meaning the control is in the way.

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