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Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump Review


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At a glance:

The Philips Avent Single Electric breast pump has a unique design, so your milk flows directly from your breast into the bottle, even when you are sitting up straight. This means that you can sit more comfortably when pumping: no need for you to lean forward to make sure all your milk ends up in the bottle. The breast pump has a compact and lightweight design and features three pumping settings: a soft massage cushion with a warm feel and a bottle with a teat for a natural latch-on.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jennifer: I would recommend this product. It is comfortable to use and the cushioning is lovely on your breasts. It would be great for mums that are going back to work and need to express as it is compact although it can be a little noisy. I love that you can clean it in the dishwasher. It is a very efficient pump and I even found that I could use it one-handed. 

Lorna: Being able to express means you can have a bit more freedom to go out or get more sleep. It's nice to know there is milk in the freezer in case of an emergency. It is easier to use than a manual pump and I'm pleased that it's a closed system so can easily be cleaned and sterilised and passed on for someone else to use when I've finished using it.

Jenny: The design of the pump is very sleek and luxurious. The pump is well designed with four easy to understand buttons which light up. The machine part of the pump is quite bulky but the upside of this is that it is robust and sturdy. I found the pump quite noisy but the rhythmic sound means that my baby could sleep through it. The pump comes with a two-year warranty with a promise to replace or fix a faulty appliance. When spending a large sum of money on an electric breast pump, this warranty is very much appreciated. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Jennie: It is an efficient pump, making expressing quick work. It is very comfortable and I can barely feel it working. It fits well and it is easy to hold in place. The teat is easy to assemble and screws tightly and neatly on to the bottle and there is a cap to keep it clean and spillproof. The pump cover keeps it clean between uses, the instructions are clear and easy to follow and come with some useful general advice for expressing. My baby also drank easily from the bottle and teat. 

Sarah: This product is neatly compact with everything you need in the box. It was easy to set up and use for the first time. Now breastfeeding my third child I have used an electric pump before as well as a manual one. This electric pump is far better than using a manual in terms of efficiency and comfort. I was able to comfortably express 4oz in less than 10 minutes.

Jessica: This is a great pump. The gentle stimulation mode worked really well to get my milk flowing and I managed to express a good amount quite quickly. The pump is easy to set up and to clean. It is not as noisy as my old pump, so it's less likely to wake a sleeping baby. I like the pump a lot.

Would you choose this product to win?

Abi: This pump would definitely be a contender for me! It was easy to put together and simple to use. The cup fit well and I could feel and see the suction working. It was easy to dismantle and clean and there was no tricky little bits to put back on. The buttons would remain lit when on so I could easily see what setting I was on.

Claire: I wouldn’t necessarily choose this product above others. Having tested other market-leading breast pumps I would not say that this is a better performer although it is certainly no worse. I don’t think anything stands out about this product and other pumps have more attractive and helpful features.

Lorna: I would choose this product or the double breast pump version if buying an electric pump. It is straightforward to use, clean and store. The fact that this is a closed system with the milk unable to get into the suction tubing is a big positive for me, as being able to pass it on to my family who may have children after me makes it much more cost-effective.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jenny: There are no pictures within the initial instructions which again could put off a parent from reading them. My baby was twelve-weeks-old when I started using the pump, hence my milk flow had regulated so I was easily able to fill the small 4 oz bottle quickly. My baby needs much more than 4oz so I needed to empty the milk in a larger sterilised container to continue. Perhaps a larger bottle or even a discount on a larger bottle included in the pack would have been appreciated.

Jennie: I would like the neck of the pump where it screws on to the bottle to be clear so I can see whether milk is still coming. It is obvious when milk first starts to flow as there is some in the bottle, but after that, it is difficult to see if there is still milk coming into the pump, or dripping into the bottle so I have to keep tilting it to check.

Sarah: In terms of improvements I would like it to be less noisy (if possible). It could also be useful to include a little bag to be able to transport the pump more easily and discretely when taking it to work or elsewhere. More control with regards to suction levels could be helpful too.

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