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Vital Baby Nurture Flexcone Electric Breast Pump Review

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At a glance:

The Nurture Flexcone electric breast pump from Vital Baby is designed to make breastfeeding as easy and fuss-free as possible, especially when you're not with them. The pump has 9 different speed settings in each phase to make, making the pump perfectly adaptable for every mum's comfort level, so you can benefit from a uniquely tailored feeding experience.

How did this product make your life easier?

Katherine: I've found this electric breast pump so easy to use as it's now part of my daily routine. This has allowed me the ability to feed my baby breast milk using a bottle. This has meant ice been able to get back to doing bedtimes for my older child, whilst my husband gives the baby his bottle. This hasn't affected breastfeeding in any way, and I have a nice milk store in the freezer.

Tina: This pump lets me express milk very efficiently and without hassle. The rechargeable base means that I’m not tied to a certain spot in the house but I can easily pump on the sofa or sitting at the kitchen table. The parts are very easy to clean and assemble.

Roxy: The Vital Baby Nurture Flexcone pump is both an electric and a manual pump, which is extremely handy: it’s a two-in-one piece of kit, which saves space and money; if the battery dies or you find yourself somewhere without a power source but need to pump, you have the option to express manually (if you don’t have any charge left). And because it is charged using a USB power cable, it means you can essentially express milk ‘on the move’, as you can plug it into your laptop or in the car.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Georgina: The thing I loved most about this breast pump was how comfortable it is! I already own another branded double pump that I had bought to use with my first baby whilst exclusively pumping and found that it really hurt my nipples (eventually leading me to stop pumping). This pump is completely different and very comfortable, partly due to the silicone pads, partly because the pumping action seems to be different and less aggressive! This is small and compact, so easy to take travelling about and easy to clean.

Carly: I would recommend this product to my friends and fellow mums because I found it really comfortable to use. It was also really efficient and allowed me to pump milk really quickly. I also thought it was fantastic because it was nice and quiet, whereas other pumps disturbed my baby they were so noisy!

Caroline: It is easy to put together and easy to use with barely looking at the instructions. If you want to go back to work but still breastfeed, using a pump can help you to feel comfortable leaving your baby. I have been worried about going back to work and leaving my baby, knowing he has my milk makes me feels happy if he takes it.

Would you choose this product to win?

Laura: I think it should win! It is compact, lightweight, portable and efficient, it expresses so quickly and easily and seems to get more milk out of each breast than any other pump I have used at any time of the day! It is also very intuitive to use and adapts easily to my flow. Plus it is all suitable for the steriliser so super easy to keep clean.

Lizz: This product is amazing value and is really comprehensive. It’s easy to use and modern design makes it look attractive. It is easy to transport for pumping on the go with the battery-powered or manual options. Its soft flexible cone fits comfortably on the breast and the pumping action feels natural. Even at higher pressures because the cone is flexible it doesn’t make the nipple sore and has an action more like hand expressing than suction.

Caroline: I think it's a great product but It is noisy when using the electric breast pump. I think there needs to be more explanation on how to sterilise the breast pump as this was the one thing I had no idea how to do and spent a lot of time researching and asking other people what I needed to do to make the pump and bottle sterile. It would also benefit from having a case for all the pump pieces to go into. Otherwise, they are bound to get lost somewhere. 

What changes would you make to this product?

Katherine: I would love it if there was a way to keep the pump on without having to hold on to the bottle/suction cup. Despite that, I feel this is a worthy product. The main selling point for me is the varying speeds which really do allow you to customise the pumping session to your needs. I would recommend this to other new mums without a doubt.

Sarah: My one main criticism is that you can only use it with the vital baby nurture bottles. It is provided with one, but because they are a unique size, I couldn’t attach any other bottles or freezer bags. I would like them to include adaptors so that you could use other bottles, and so having the option, instead of making you use their brand. The bottle provided is good, but I did look to buy more and they are not cheap or very easy to find. 

Lizz: If I could change one thing about this pump it would be making the bottle a little longer to make it easier to hold during pumping and to make it easier to rest while pumping hands free tucked in a bra. I would also have liked a cap for the bottle to make milk storage straight to the fridge easier. The tubing also seems to attract dust very easily (more so than other pumps I’ve used) and required hot soapy water to get off as become tacky if just water used,

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