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Close Parent Pop-in Breast Pads Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2015 Shortlisted Best Breastfeeding accessory
Mother & Baby 2015 Shortlisted Award Winner

These pop-in breast pads are very comfortable to use. They stay in place due to their contoured shape without any adhesive. They didn’t slip out of place or crease, and absorbed well.

There's none of that awkward and uncomfortable rustling and crinkling you get with disposable pads. They come with a washable bag, making them convenient to use and means they don’t get lost in the wash. The breast pads dry quickly when washed.  

The pads are very soft and comfortable when they're in the right position but because they are 'teardrop' shaped they have to be placed 'just right' to be as comfortable as possible. They can be positioned easily one handed following a feed. The waterproof layer worked well on a heavy wet. They drew any moisture away quickly so never felt damp.

The designer tag on the outside can be frustrating as it showed through on white clothing. 

Product Information

Close Parent Pop-in Breast Pads

3 pairs (6 pads in total) 

Come with a mesh laundry bag

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