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Seraphine Breastfeeding Shawl Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2014 Bronze Best Breastfeeding accessory
Mother & Baby 2014 Bronze Award Winner

Seraphine’s Breastfeeding Shawl is soft, stylish and discreet. It's lightweight and easy to carry around (if you’re not already wearing it), and the fabric is gorgeous but the shawl is perhaps not as practical as other similar products. For one, it can only be hand-washed, which is not ideal for a product that is likely to get dirty quite often. Secondly, the bulk of material is not conducive to easy-access feeding and it is difficult to keep tabs on baby amidst all the folds.

The shawl is also not as versatile as implied; the website suggests various different ways of wearing the shawl but the product comes with no instructions and it is a struggle to get the scarf to look like it does online, which is disappointing.

For what is essentially a piece of material with poppers, the shawl is an expensive accessory but it is beautifully made and should be viewed is an investment product. It would make a lovely gift for a new mum and its longevity is obvious, which, when all things are considered, makes it a worthwhile spend.

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