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Chicco Polly Magic Relax Review


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  • 2020 Gold Best Highchair

At a glance:

Meet the new super soft Polly Magic Relax highchair with cocooning that follows your baby's growth! Suitable from birth, it comes with a padded reducer and an entertaining toy bar to cuddle and stimulate your child. This highchair is very versatile with eight adjustable height positions and a removable tray which means you can attach it to the table and you and baby can enjoy meals together. It is easy to fold and free-standing, while the four wheels make it easy to move from one room to another.

How did this product make your life easier?

Beverley: It was easy and quick to assemble and everything is easy to wipe clean which saved me time. It is a tall high chair which was good for my little one who is very nosey and likes to see what's going on. The wheels were useful as I could move her around the kitchen and watch what I was doing. The tray was really easy to take on and off when doing different activities with her.

Frances: I wish I had had this product from when my baby was a newborn. I spent many evenings and nights with my baby in a bouncer on the floor while I was trying to prepare a meal. The Polly Magic Relax would have been so useful to have my baby at eye level. I love the fact that it has wheels, it makes it so much easier to maneuver and is much better for my tile floors. Other high chairs that we have used are just on legs and scratch the floor and are jerky if you try to move them with your little one in. It is mainly easy clean, with easy to use adjustable straps. it was easy to set up, attractive and obviously good quality. I really like how it is height adjustable.

Helen: We have loved this highchair. It was easy to build up, it goes higher and lower and can also slide under our kitchen table to make mealtimes a family occasion. It has a very modern and classy look with a leather seat. It is very comfortable for little ones. It is very easy to clean, the leather wipes down and the top tray and tray come off making them very easy to clean after use.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Mariana: I would definitely recommend this product as it is a great design and comfortable. I like the adjustments from the recline, the height and the table tray that can be used or removed if not needed, along with the top tray coming off. It is so easy to clean as well. I like the colour and if moved it would be so easy to collapse and fit in the car. The wheels make it so much easier to move about at home even with my child sat in the seat. The seat insert is easy to clean and comes out easily too.

Chantelle: The versatility of the product makes it a good investment. You can use it from young to older. Also, the chair is super easy to clean so it makes life easy. It is quite a bulky unit and even though it folds up and the tray can be stored with the chair, it still takes up a significant amount of space. To put the product together was easy but there are a lot of books and crannies for food to get trapped and start to smell!

Rachel: Yes, it folds down satisfactorily, it would be great if it went slightly smaller to aid storage but overall for the benefits of being a quality and study product outweigh the need for it to be small. This does make hard to transport. The product is easy to clean, there are a few difficult to reach areas but on the whole, it is good, the material is easily wipeable. It is good having the storage facility for the tray on the back making the product neat and helps keep everything tidy.

Would you choose this product to win?

Beth: I definitely think this chair should win it is a well built, sturdy chair. Easily put up or down, very easily cleaned, comfortable, big enough to last well into toddler years and very comfortable for the child. If your baby is very small they can still enjoy mealtimes with the rest of the family as the seat has a lie back function and of course the toys for entertainment. As mentioned above this is also brilliant for entertaining your child whilst you are cooking, cleaning and doing jobs. I haven't seen any other high chairs which offer this.

Frances: Yes, I think this product is great! 2 for the price of one! Baby rocker and highchair! It is great to have your baby at eye level, the product is good quality and solid. It has an excellent wipe-able seat and adjustable height settings. The toys are bright, colourful and attractive. Having the tray to be able to clip on at the back is a great design feature.

Sharon: I would choose this product over other highchairs and I actually miss it when I'm not at home using it for my baby. My son enjoyed the activity bar the first couple of times he used it. however now he doesn't acknowledge it much. I like that it has height adjustable slots for straps if I have another baby this highchair will be used even before weaning. The seat liner is a lovely touch when it comes to winter mornings it will make that touch of difference as it stops it from being cold for baby to get in. The ease to fasten baby in is great, I have another highchair which it is fiddly to do compared to this. You can even fit the baby in without doing them because the tray fits between his legs so he can't slide down, the tray is fantastic and just pops on and can be taken off in one swift move.

What changes would you make to this product?

Mhari: This high chair is very solid and sturdy which my baby did not like. She looked like she was too enclosed within the chair and didn’t find it as comfortable as other high chairs. I also think that the price of the high chair is far too expensive for what it is. I have used a number of other high chairs that cost a lot less that are more comfortable and have the same features.

Helen: The only thing I would change is the armrests being difficult to clean. Baby weaning can be very messy and food can get everywhere. The armrests in the highchair have little grooves which are difficult to get completely clean. It would be more ideal if they were completely smooth or removable to take apart to clean properly.

Frances: There are 3 things I would change with this product. If there was any way to maintain the quality and solid nature of the product while allowing it to fold down more securely would be an added bonus. Transporting this product is quite difficult with it being large so if this could be incorporated into the design then it would be brilliant! The other thing I would change would be changing the insert of the seat to be in the same material as the body of the seat. The main body is easy to clean and washable when feeding my baby however the insert is different material and a little less user-friendly. The final thing is if the straps could be more cleanable it would be perfect, at the moment the straps are ridged which makes cleaning them difficult with food particles getting stuck, if they could be wipe-able I think the product would be second to none!

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