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Joie Mimzy Snacker Highchair Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2017 Shortlisted Best Highchair
  • 2015 Shortlisted Best Highchair
  • 2014 Silver Best Highchair
Mother&Baby Awards 2017 Shortlist

The Joie Mimzy Snacker is an affordable, basic highchair that is easy to build and easy to use. It’s suitable form small babies as well as older ones, and comes with adjustable straps and a nice, big tray. The chair is not too big and includes a large storage basket at its base. The seat pattern is attractive and without all the added extras to encumber the cost, the product is really well priced. Good value for money. 

The Mimzy Snacker Highchair by Joie is a great looking, unisex highchair that is good value for money. It assembles easily and folds compactly, and it’s lightweight. The tray is of a generous size and the basket underneath is a nifty feature. It could, however, do with a foot rest and a height adjustment function on the seat mechanism. The straps could also do with some improvement – there are only two of them and they are difficult to adjust. The seat is nicely padded and reclines to the comfort of chair users. The product is quite difficult to clean (with all the folds and nooks and crannies) but it is a well-made, well-priced highchair.

What they say:

“The Mimzy Snacker is an ultra lightweight and compact highchair. For baby's comfort it offers an adjustable tray as well as a footrest and seat unit which can be reclined into three different positions. The Mimzy Snacker offers parents convenience by featuring a large storage basket underneath as well as a unique tray storage on the rear of the seat. Its fabrics are also removable and wipeable for an easy clean up. When not needed, its one hand fold allows it to close quickly and easily into a compact and freestanding unit for easy storage.”

Tested by mum Linzi Darby for the M&B Awards 2017:

Would you recommend the Mimzy Snacker to other mums?    

Love the one-handed strap to fold the chair. Great when holding baby in one arm. Also when folded the chair stands on its own. Reclining back is great for baby to have milk at end of the meal or to nap if very tired. Seems very comfortable. Would definitely recommend this chair. Nice and easy to clean. The tray is lovely and big.

Would you choose this product to win?

I would choose this highchair above others as it’s good value for money. The mechanisms are good and the build seems very good quality. The designs to choose from are all lovely. The net at the bottom is very handy for storage and overall I would say it is a good product that makes dinner time a bit easier.

What changes would you make to this product?

I think the only things I would change about this highchair is adding a removable tray insert to section off food and take off to clean. And maybe add in a way of adjusting the height so the baby can eat dinner with parents who feel like eating on the sofa or on a posh night at the dining table!

Tested by mum Steph Alonwy for the M&B Awards 2017:

Would you recommend the Mimzy Snacker to other mums?    

This highchair is great for those where space might be an issue. The fact that the highchair folds down so compactly and so easily is a fantastic function. The tray is large and has a space for a drink to be kept to reduce the amount of times the drink is knocked to the floor. The design is cute and would look great in any household.

How did this product make your life easier?     

This highchair has the most simple and effective folding mechanism! The tray is great. There is a large basket at the bottom to hold wipes and bibs - keeping them in reach but out of the way of the baby while they are eating. The chair looked very comfortable. It was easy to adjust to ensure my baby was safe.

Would you choose this product to win?

I would choose this highchair over any of the others because it has a very simplistic yet extremely effective folding mechanism meaning it folds down for storage which is great for households where space is at a premium. The foot space of the of the highchair is quite large when it is open, but this ensures that the highchair is sturdy.

What changes would you make to this product?

There is not one thing that I could think about changing for this highchair. It appears to be very well designed with a simple folding mechanism which is great to help with space saving when it is not in use or needs to be transported to another area.

Tested by mum Lisa Rumford for the M&B Awards 2017:

Would you recommend the Mimzy Snacker to other mums?    

This highchair was assembled so quickly - 2 clicks and the legs were on - brilliant! The highchair folds with a one-handed pull (but this flap catches crumbs and bit of food). The tray is easy to clean and had a drinks holder, it is also deep. It had a leg safely bit attached to the tray (which can be swapped).

How did this product make your life easier?     

The Mimzy Snacker has helped with storage and the handy basket underneath is brilliant for sliding the tray into and it is free standing too! Cleaning of the tray when it doesn’t have the leg safely bit on it is quicker and easier. Padded seat cushion is made from a nice material that is easy to clean and keep clean.

What changes would you make to this product?

I think the safety leg bit should be attached to the highchair not the tray - this makes it safer for baby when the clean up behind and the tray is removed I know you can swap it to a flat adaptors but the it makes it less safe for the child as they could slip through the gap underneath when sitting in the highchair.

Product Information

Dimensions: H101.1 x W61.3 x D87.5cm
Dimensions (folded): 61.3 x 30.4 x 91.6cm
Finish: Brights
Suitable for children who can sit up unaided
Weight: 6.1kg

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