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Babycup First Cups Review


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  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Weaning Product

At a glance:

Babycup’s Baby First Cups are great for teaching little ones to drink from a cup without a lid. They are perfectly sized for little hands and mouths but only dispense liquid in small amounts, which could be frustrating for some children. Once little ones have mastered the art of sipping, they will quickly outgrow the First Cup, which makes one wonder if the investment is worth it. What is great about the product is that it is designed to allow babies to transition from breast/bottle straight to cup, skipping the whole ‘sippy-cup’ process, and for this reason, as well as its functionality, the First Cup is recommended as good value for money.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kerry: This product, in the long run, will definitely make my life easier as children will become independent from a young age to use an open cup. To begin with, you will have small spillages but after using daily my child become more confident and gained more control in using the cups. The size of these cups is great so also easy to store!

Rose: This product is really good and it’s the right size for a baby/toddler. As the cups are perfectly sized the child doesn’t spill very much when they are learning how to drink from an open cup. The plastic is really good quality and doesn’t crack or seen flimsy. My 18-month-old was giving it a good chew and it seemed to be very durable. The measurements on the side are very helpful especially if you are weaning a child or giving the milk in the cup. 

Ashleigh: Well where to start with this amazing product. I have been so impressed with these little cups, we have only had these for a month and they are already a staple at every mealtime for my son. We have moved rapidly from a 360 cup to this and he is actively asking for more drink when he has finished what is in his cup. I don't have to worry about him having enough drink with a meal as I can see and measure what it is going on, all adding to stress-less meal time.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Chloe: I would recommend this product as it is the perfect size for a baby to use a cup and helps a baby learn very quickly how to do so. They are colourful and modern and also sterilisable and can go in a dishwasher. I didn’t think my son would give up his sippy cup so easily as he would refuse similar sippy cups and would only use his one. 

Hannah: I was initially surprised at how small the cups were, but it turns out that this is why they are so good! Because they are small and light they are very easy for young children to pick up and use. I would also recommend them because they are dishwasher safe, they can be sterilised and the colours are really nice.

Lucy: The cups are a good size for small hands and have a bit of a novelty factor about them in that a young toddler can imitate you drinking from a glass with their own little version. They come in nice bright colours which appeal to little ones. They can be easily stored stacked upon one another and since they have no spouts or separate parts they can be cleaned thoroughly and easily after use.

Would you choose this product to win?

Chloe: I would choose this product above others as it isn’t too expensive and works very well, my son was very attached to his sippy cup and I never thought he would learn to drink out of normal cups so easily. They’re small so don’t carry too much liquid, so even if accidents happen the spillage isn’t too big.

Rebecca: I really like this product as something I can use at home but when out and about it is not as easy to use as you have to transport the liquid in another bottle which has a lid and my son always wanted to drink from the bottle with the liquid already in. However, I love that the product is BPA free, durable and perfectly proportioned. I also love that it is recyclable, unlike many other beakers.

Rose: I think this product is great and I would use it if I had a six-month-old baby that I was looking for a drinking cup for. When I had my first I bought numerous sippy cups and spent a lot of money on these. My child didn’t really like many of them and a lot of them became moody because they were tricky to clean. These are great simple and make life easier for mums. They could do a selection pack of different sizes.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kerry: I found it really hard to think about one thing I could change about this product as I think it is fantastic! It’s really easy to use.. Maybe bigger cups for older children would be great! Perhaps if the cups were sold individually or as packs of 2 as I feel like some parents could be reluctant to spend £6.99 on 4 small cups but however since using them I wouldn’t be. 

Hannah: Although I do highly rate this product, it is really a cup to be used when sat in the highchair. It isn't possible to take it out and it would be really messy if it was a cup left out for little ones to help themselves when thirsty. It would be brilliant if a non-spill cap could be developed so that the cups can be taken out. And the cap removed when children needed a drink.

Lucy: I would increase the size of a small amount so that it is still manageable for small hands but can contain a more sensible amount of fluid. When filled to about 1/3, the cups contain 20ml which is just not that much more than a tablespoon which is so little you can’t expect a child to drink from the cup, just to enjoy the experience of using it. If they were twice the size they would still be significantly smaller most plastic cups. I would also consider widening the base so that they are more stable. Currently, the cups can be easily knocked over by being picked up clumsily or a moving plate. The shape of the cup is great for simulating drinking from a grown-up glass or cup so I would not change this, but maybe add a flange around the base for stability.

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