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Doddl Cutlery Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2019 Silver Best Weaning Product

At a glance:

This cutlery set helps your child eat independently and encourages the development of the pincer grip, needed for learning to draw and write. The short ergonomically designed handles make controlling cutlery easier and allow your child to develop skills to make the successful transition to adult cutlery. Made from high-quality BPA free materials, the set is dishwasher safe and long lasting to support your child.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Francesca: Definitely. They look so cute set out at the dinner table and my son loves using them. We have used the spoon and the fork as he isn't quite old enough for the knife. We use them at every meal and I will definitely buy another set. They wash easily and are small enough that you can carry them around in your changing bag to use them out and about.

Sarah: I have already recommended the Doddl cutlery set. I think this is such an easy product for children to use. It is easy to keep clean and it is dishwasher safe. It is light, small and easy to take the cutlery out and about with you. Our 16-month-old has also used the knife on a few occasions successfully which really impressed me.

Sarah: Yes definitely. I have even bought a second set so I have it in the changing bag for when we eat at restaurants. The grip is perfect for little one's hands and my son manages with this much better compared to other children's cutlery. Although he hasn't figured how to use the knife yet, it does help and I would much rather he hold this than a full-size knife.

How did this product make your life easier?

Christine: This product has made my life easier as it is a great transition to full-sized cutlery. The compact handles with the soft touch grips made it more comfortable and easy for my son to hold. They are not too heavy or thick and feel very smooth. The shape is much safer than the average children’s cutlery knife. The cutlery is compact and I can bring it if we go out to eat at a restaurant which has previously been hard. I found that he would eat a lot more and be better behaved when we used his Doddl cutlery.

Josie: This lovely set allows my little boy to practise holding cutlery as well as learning how to feed himself. It means that I can use my time to do other things in the kitchen knowing that he is safe and enjoying being a big boy. It gives both of us confidence which is brilliant and hopefully it will mean that he can start to move on to other cutlery once he’s mastered using this collection.

Mary: This product is very good at helping with my toddler's hand-eye coordination. We have only had this product for a short amount of time but my child can already feed herself with a spoon. Before using this product my child wouldn't even pick up a spoon and from the first day of using this cutlery she picked it up straight away. It has made mealtimes a lot easier.

Would you choose this product to win?

Rebecca: This is without a doubt the best children’s cutlery I have ever had. I wholeheartedly believe it should win this category! It is expensive but given the design and the excellent packaging as well as the fact that it is far superior to its competitors I would be prepared to pay that amount. I will definitely order another set and I do not have a criticism of this product. It has helped my children to gain independence at meal times and the quality means it will last from weaning until larger cutlery is necessary. 

Francesca: Yes I would. My son loved his spoon and fork and even loved to play with them pretending it was meal time. This has helped him use a fork which has also helped his eating habits.

Bally: The design makes this product really stand out. For little fingers, it is compact, easy to hold and use. I've seen my little girl use them with ease. I think Doddi has got the design spot on and I definitely think this product should win for the creative design, look, feel and ease of use.

What changes would you make to this product?

Francesca: The head of the spoon is quite big and our little one has eyes bigger than his belly and is able to use the spoon to scoop up massive portions which he then can't quite chew/swallow which can get a little messy. Nevertheless, I appreciate that it is probably good for him to get used to eating from a normal size spoon.

Sarah: We really liked this product and there isn’t anything we would change. It would be great if you could buy the spoons individually. We lost our original one on holiday and had to buy a spoon and fork set to replace (this shows how good the Doddl cutlery is that we HAD to replace it). It might be nice if they came in more colours.

Sarah: The product is perfect but if one thing had to be changed I would say make the spoon just slightly smaller. My son is 16-months-old and only just able to get his mouth around the spoon. So if you are weaning from six months, the baby could struggle. If a carry pouch or container was available that would be really handy.

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