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Fred and Flo Ice Lolly Moulds 4 Pack Review

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  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Weaning Product

At a glance: 

Fred and Flo's Ice Lolly Moulds are the perfect size for treats to soothe your little one's sore teething gums. Introduce your tot to new tastes by making your healthy fruit or vegetable lollies. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Rhiannon: This product is absolutely brilliant. It allows me to give my baby food that otherwise would be too slippery for her to hold allowing me to get on with other things. The lollies have the added benefit of allowing me to give my baby a treat like her older brother but without it being full of sugar and additives. The lollies are a great pain reliever for sore teething gums.

Jaspreet: The baby ice lolly molds make producing yummy lollies for baby to hold very easy. The sample recipes on the side of the box give a few good ideas on the different flavours. The size of the lollies makes them perfect for little ones and the fact that there are no sharp edges means that there is no risk of the baby getting injured. The small size of the four lolly mold means that these can be made in any freezer.

Clare: This product has meant I do not need to spend money as regularly on expensive ice lollies. It also means I am able to control the sugar content of what I am feeding my children. This is important as there are often hidden ingredients in such sweet products. The ability to make small ice lollies that are right in terms of size for my children makes my life easiest.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Krupa: Yes I would recommend it if they were looking for ice lolly moulds for babies. It is nicely designed and the small size if good for babies. It is easy to clean, and well made. It feels sturdy. They are nice and small, so they easy to store. I have, however, not tried any other ice lolly moulds so have no comparison.

Rhiannon: I would recommend this to a fellow mum because they're super easy to use - you fill them with whatever you want and shove them in the freezer. Boom. A healthy snack to keep your little one happy! Also, fab in the summer to keep them cool. You make 4 ice lollies in one go so you can even keep friends happy (and yourself when you're peckish and want to steal your baby's snack!)

Amy: It’s easy to use, the contents freeze quickly (within a morning) and the pieces are easy to clean and refill. The moulds take up very little room in the freezer so are perfect for families. It’s cheap to refill the tray and can work for a range of ages. You can also fill with a range of foods (yoghurt, purée, mashed fruit).

Would you choose this product to win?

Hannah: I think this is a great product for younger children and would definitely choose it if I only had my youngest. However, as I have a 3-year-old too I found that the lollies were a bit on the small side for him. It’s easier for me to make bigger lollies and help my smallest eat theirs. I really like the chunky ‘handle’ of these though and meant my little one could get a good grip on it. They’re basically ice lolly dummies!

Rachelle: Baby weening is a process of trial and error, and while for us this isn't necessarily the best product on the market, variety is important to keep up interest. These moulds have meant we can include variety in our weening and keep things interesting for our daughter. We are following baby-led weaning as our daughter refuses to be spoon-fed, so these lollies are ideal to introduce both dietary and texture variety.

Terri: I don't think I would choose this product again as you can get others pretty much the same for a cheaper price, which in honesty do the exact same job! There isn't anything in particular that I would say makes this item stand out from any of the others you can buy. The price is a little expensive when you compare with the more basic ones you can get on the market. The handle is also a little small and for babies, with slightly chunkier hands (as is my baby!) it can make it harder to hold.

What changes would you make to this product?

Amy: Nothing. The design is simple yet effective. They are good for busy mums who want to save money buying ice creams for the kids. I know other products on the market can separate into four pieces (to save you taking the whole thing out of the freezer) but I think this would increase the chance of pieces being lost.

Clare: I would change the colours of this product to perhaps being brighter and more eye-catching. This would help make it stand out to me in a shop, but would also make it more appealing to its target audience of young children. I understand keeping it gender neutral would be important but brighter colours might be nicer.

Jaspreet: The only issue when using the lolly mold is how hard it is to remove the lollies once they are frozen. This is probably a result of the fact that the contents have expanded making it difficult to remove. Only once the surface of the lolly has “softened” a little bit (by wrapping your hand around the mold for about 60 seconds) can the lollies be removed easily.

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