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Miracle 360˚ Sippy Cup Review


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A toddler cup with a dentist recommended spoutless design, the 360-degree edge allows your tot to drink from any side of the cup. Completely eliminating spills, the cup will automatically seal once your child stops drinking from it. Easy to take apart and clean and dishwasher safe, the Miracle 360˚ Sippy Cup is suitable for children from 12 months.

Tested by mum Tracey Hanson and Evan (2 years old):

Evan is autistic so has struggled with other trainer cups, but we thought we’d give the Munchkin 360 Sippy Cup a try, after it was recommended by a speech therapist. My first impression was that the cup looked grown up, something we wanted for Evan so he could feel like a big boy with no spills. Unlike other products on the market, the cup didn’t leak and Evan took to it straight away. We have already recommended the cup to other parents with autistic children – thank you Munchkin!

Tested by mum Sarah Carin and Spencer (almost 3 years old):

Spencer had never tried a spotless cup before, only a normal cup with usually results in him and surrounding areas getting soaked! Now he is approaching three and will soon be starting preschool, he needs to be able to drink competently from a normal cup. The Munchkin 360 Sippy Cup reduces the contact between his teeth and juice, which can only be a good thing. It also encourages sipping slowly and prevents chewing on the spout. Once out of the packaging, the cup is a striking bold colour and is extremely sturdy. Spencer was able to drink from it straight away with no problem. This is an excellent cup for any toddler to help them with the transition to a normal cup – this is now the only one Spencer will use, so I will be purchasing more for him.

Tested by mum Felicity Abbot and Hugo (15 months old):

As Hugo is almost 15 months old, I wanted him to move away from cups that were like milk/baby bottles; the 360 Tippy Cup ticked this box as it immediately looks more like an adult cup. Hugo loves to chew the spouts/teats on bottles which always worries me – this isn’t an issue with the spoutless cup. I was very impressed by the design and liked the bright colours. It’s simple, practical and easy to take apart and clean. It doesn’t leak or spill like pretty much every other cup I’ve used – we love this cup!

Tested by mum Aimee Hawke and Martha (2 years old):

At two, Martha has drunk from open cups with varying levels of success – she often ends up tipping too far and ends up pouring water all over her face. My friend recommended the Munchkin 360 Sippy Cup after using it with both her four-year-old and her toddler. I love the fact this cup is portable and encourages Martha to drink whilst she is playing. The cup seems much higher quality than lots of the other non-spill cups we have tried. My husband found it pretty fiddly to take it all apart and clean, but overall I was really pleased with the cup and the design. 

Tested by mum Louise, Cohen (2 years old) and Livia (aged 1):

Cohen had already used the 360 cup and took to it straight away. I found the cup to be extremely robust, even after being dropped from a high chair again and again. It was also good for teeth and speech development with its lack of spout. The cup is completely different to everything else on the market; it seems really modern but is so simple in every way. It never spills and my children got to grips with how to use it immediately – being 360, it doesn’t matter which way round they hold it to drink. One thing I wished the designers had kept was the handles that are on the older designs – I often clip the handle over the metal frame of my pushchair so that it’s easily accessible for my children to drink from. However, overall this cup is great and I would 100% recommend it to other mums!

Tested by mum Laura Kearney and Sophia:

We have tried so many different sippy and spoutless cups with Sophia in the past but found she preferred to drink with a straw. In a lot of cases, she figured out how to close them but not open them again, leading to a lot of frustration and tantrums! One of the great things about this cup is she could drink from it from any side, rather than having to hold it a certain way to get to a spout. I think it’s a great transition product that will help her learn how to use a grown-up cup, and was impressed that it didn’t leak or cause puddles, even when thrown from the high chair! I would definitely recommend this to other mums, especially ones who have been having trouble getting their little ones to drink from a beaker with a spout – the Munchkin 360 Sippy Cup has really helped get Sophia’s water intake up.

Tested by mum Abby Smith:

This product was recommended to me by my sister, as my daughter wasn’t taking well to sippy cups and was pouring the water down her front, not drinking it. The cup seemed sturdy and my daughter was willing to drink out of it rather than just play with it, however I wish the cup had handles, as she kept dropping it. Overall, the cup was great and I have already recommended it to other mums. 

Please note, these reviews have been ammended and approved by Munchkin. 

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