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Vital Baby NOURISH weaning and feeding range Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Bronze Best Weaning Product

At a glance:

The weaning and feeding range from Vital Baby will make your baby's weaning that much fun and easier. From weaning bowls in a range of different colours, to their small pots to store all your favourite items that are secure and stackable, the Vital Baby range has got you covered.

How did this product make your life easier?

Samantha: I really love these products! the weaning bowls are so useful to put in my changing bag for days out, i love the fact that they come with a really secure lid and space for a spoon to be stored. The food storage pots are my favourite items, it makes storing excess food really quick and easy, and the silicone lid and finger rest on the sides of the pots mean that the pots are never too hot/cold to handle.

Gina: We love all the vital baby nourish products that we received. The bright colours look fab and I love that the small pots can be stacked together. I’m so happy to find a product that I can attach to a restaurant high chair or table and use it to transport the food, the fact that it has a spoon attached is such a bonus! The short shallow spoons are absolutely fabulous for the baby to feed herself. Love them all.

Emma: The vital baby on the go bowl and spoon sets were great for taking food out with us. The spoon clips into a slot on the lid of the bowl and the bowl itself has a fully sealable leakproof lid so it makes taking any sort of food on the go a doddle. The little pots were also a great size for snacks such a fruit or vegetable sticks so are complimentary to baby-led weaning also.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Karen: The long feeding spoons are very well designed with the spoon rest to stop the spoon touching the table, particularly great when I’m out and about and not sure how clean the tables are! The short spoons have very easy to grip handles for my little one to have a go at feeding himself and my 2 years old also liked using them. The storage pots are very useful portion sizes (60 and 120ml), attractive colours and compact in shape. They stack very well together, the silicon bits on the edges make them easy and comfortable to grip. Perfect for at home and out and about, and my 2 yo loved making towers out of them too! The travel bowls are great. I love the secure lids and the spoon compartments. The one that locks to the table is very secure and neither my 9-month-old or toddler managed to dislodge it. They are all easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe and are BPA free so safe for little people. They feel very sturdy in design so I am confident they will last.

Kate: I would recommend some of the products to a friend. I think the little storage pots are excellent as they come in 2 sizes and they are very easy to take the lids on/off and are secure. They are very easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher. The spoons with the long handles worked well too. The bowls with the spoon attached to the top are great for taking food out and about as the spoon can be covered over when dirty for easy transportation.

Rebecca: Vital Baby has covered all aspects of weaning on the go and at home. They have taken their products and made them better and more visually appealing. The on the go bowls with lid containing a spoon is perfect. Great to see a version of it with a suction bottom too although it does make it bulkier. My only advice would be that sometimes two spoons are necessary! The smaller chubbier spoons have very quickly enabled my child to use and handle a spoon well.

Would you choose this product to win?

Amie: The storage pots have won me over! They are amazing in every way. Both sizes 120ml and 60ml stack on top of each other which have made storing them in the cupboard, fridge, and freezer neat and tidy. I love how the lid is very secure but also fully come off, this way my baby can hold the pot and happily have her snack. I have found with other storage pots the lid is attached and it’s hard for my baby to keep it open and get her snacks. The silicon sides and bottom have helped push out frozen products to add to other meals.

Amy: These products are such good all-rounders, they’ve been very well thought out. The design is perfect, the BPA free materials, the easy to open lids, the deep stacking bases, the easy-clean finish, the slim spoons, it’s evident these have been thought about with the user in mind without losing the smart looks.

Karen: I really liked these products and think they would be worthy winners. They are so flexible, well designed and easy to use. It makes a wonderful change to have a bowl that does actually stick to the table/highchair so on that alone I’d crown these products the winners! Its clear a lot of time and thought has gone into the design of this range. Although time will tell, I think these products are built to last and they provide excellent value for money as they are very competitively priced.

What changes would you make to this product?

Gina: The only thing I would change is that the suction pad on the large store and feed pot does not have a lip so it can be difficult to remove it from the highchair once you have finished lunch without spilling any leftovers. Other than that I think the whole range is absolutely fabulous and the best I have used.

Rebecca: I wonder if Vital Baby would look into making their products plastic-free, perhaps using bamboo. This would make them more environmentally friendly and baby safety friendly. There seems to be a good market for this at the moment although the price point could be higher for consumers and perhaps less available to all parents.

Kathleen: I would make it more affordable. Parents who will use it are likely to be those preparing their own baby meals and that means bulk cooking. They will, therefore, need many little pots. Buying them at full price can be quite costly, especially when compared to plain transparent Tupperware which is much cheaper, but also does the job.

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