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Belly Bandit C-Section & Recovery Undies Review


Belly Bandit C-Section & Recovery Undies are designed for mums who had a c-section, although they can also be worn if you gave birth with a natural delivery too. 

These pants have targeted compression to help reduce swelling and silver-infused fibers that can help eliminate bacteria, wetness and odour. 

Tested by Hannah Roberston, mum of two: 

I first tried the Belly Bandit C-Section undies on a week after having our baby. They make me feel fully supported and held in.

After a c-section your tummy feels slightly tingly and sensitive so you're very conscious of knocking it. With these it felt like you had added protection with the right amount of compression.

They also helped my back hugely, by day seven my back really ached as it was compensating for the lack of stomach muscles but as soon as I put these on it really helped my posture and gave me the added support I needed.

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