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BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Lotion Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best New Mum/Maternity Skincare Product

At a glance:

Get a restful and deep night's sleep with the Magnesium Sleep Body Lotion from BetterYou. Its blend of Magnesium Chloride, Lavender and Chamomile will relax your tired muscles and the mind before going to sleep. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Emily: Sleep is obviously on the mind of every expectant and new mum because it is a precious commodity! I was going through a period of insomnia in the early stages of my pregnancy and so was trying whatever I could to try and help get some sleep. This product is easy to apply and definitely helped me relax down into a restful sleep.

Natalie: A nice thick body cream to use at night - it would definitely be too thick for day time use. I didn’t find it particularly relaxed my muscles or improved my quality of sleep. I didn’t particularly like its scent, although this was not offensive. I don’t think this makes my life any easier as a mum, although I do like the pump dispenser rather than a big pot.

Charlotte: Sleeping better definitely makes my life easier as a mum as being pregnant and also having a toddler is certainly exhausting! When using the product I definitely felt like I drifted off to sleep more quickly and felt more refreshed in the morning. It was so good I got my husband to try it as well. 

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Chris: Yes I would! It was very easy to use and it was a nice routine to get into. At £9.95 for a bottle, I also thought it wasn't the cheapest but is absolutely affordable and a little luxury. There was nothing bulky about the lotion and it explained exactly what it does so it was very easy to use as well as follow.

Ashleigh: would recommend this product to a friend who is pregnant and struggling with sleep. I have really suffered from my current pregnancy with feeling anxious when going to sleep and the blend of oils/scents in this product has helped to ease this feeling and relax me into the start of a restful night until my son wakes up.

Helen: I don't know if the reduction in leg cramps is a fluke or a side effect, but it definitely has made this product a game-changer for me. The impact on sleep is also nice, although probably not overly dramatic. The product is very moisturising, so it's allowed me to introduce a little TLC to my own skin into my daily routine in the guise of a medicinal product - I have better-looking skin and arms accidentally.

Would you choose this product to win?

Rebecca: I wouldn't choose this product over others as it didn't work for me at the current time I was using it. I will still continue to use it to see if I can feel the benefits now that my baby has been born, however, I would be reluctant to buy this or any other sleep cream in the future. The overall design and consistency of the cream are next to none.

Charlotte: Although I suffered from poor sleep during my last pregnancy and this one I have never looked into sleep aids like this. I’m not sure if there are other products like this on the market so I can’t compare and say I would choose this over other products but I would certainly buy this product again as it has been really good!

Nikola: Unfortunately as this product made my sleep worse which was the opposite of its unique selling point I am not able to recommend this product. The lavender smell was very strong which if you like lavender is excellent but if like me it is not your favourite smell can make it very off-putting. However, the cream was very easy to apply and would be good for sensitive skin types as well.

What changes would you make to this product?

Emily: I wasn’t keen on the scent at first... but that may be due to having overly heightened /sensitive senses due to being pregnant! The main thing I would change I think would be the packaging for two reasons. It looks very clinical which I think detracts from its natural ingredients, and I don't think it would really catch my eye if it was on the shelf as it is very plain.

Jeanne: There isn’t really anything I would change about the product. It’s a lovely body lotion with a wonderful, relaxing scent of lavender. Perhaps an easier applicator (such as a roller ball which massages) would make me more inclined to use it regularly. It’s probably not something that I will have the time or inclination to keep using once the baby arrives.

Natalie: The smell. As mentioned previously I don’t particularly like the smell of the cream and whilst I don’t think it is offensive, it doesn’t relax me and it is quite a strong smell. Perhaps some other things could be added to make it smell a bit nicer. A more pleasant smell might be more relaxing as well.

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